Vascular & Cardiac Imaging Research Group

Cardiovascular Research Interest Group (RIG): Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms


The Vascular and Cardiac Imaging Research Group consists of more than 15 faculty researchers and nearly 10 radiologists. We use MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, and catheter angiography to explore the heart and the blood systems that support the human body to better understand their critical role in health and inform how best to prevent and heal cardiovascular damage.

We specialize in cardiac imaging, vascular imaging, and vascular interventional programs to identify treatment for patients suffering from cardiac disorders, cardiac function, atherosclerosis, Aneurysmal disease, and vascular malformations. Our mission is to establish putative biomarkers of disease progression that can be non-invasively monitored and linked to deleterious outcomes with the goal of improved decision-making and patient care.

Vascular & Cardiac Imaging Research Directions

  • Quantitative imaging – Tissue mapping – myocardium and vascular atherosclerosis​
  • Image-based biomechanics modeling – CT surgery; vascular and neuro surgery​
  • Translation to clinical – standardization efforts; the entire evaluation pipeline​
  • Staging and monitoring surgical intervention

Vascular & Cardiac Imaging Research Labs

Vascular & Cardiac Imaging Research Labs Directors
Vascular Imaging Research Center (at VAMC) David Saloner, PhD
Cardiothoracic Imaging Clinical Division Research Brett Elicker, MD
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Section Research  
UCSF Physics Research Laboratory Youngho Seo, PhD

Members of the Vascular & Cardiac Imaging Research Group

 Imaging Scientists

Postdoctoral Associates & Staff 

  • Haider Ali, MBBS
  • Alex Gill, Assistant CRC 
  • Evan Kao, PhD 
  • Jonas Schollenberger, PhD 
  • Keerthi Srivastav Valluru 
  • Yan Wang, PhD 
  • Ang Zhou, PhD