Academic Affairs FAQs


In my offer letter they mention an X factor, what is that and how is it calculated?

Base Salary X is the minimum, guaranteed salary rate for a faculty member in the department, and it is associated with the faculty academic rank and step (but not series). X salary is also called “covered compensation” or the rate included in University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) and benefits calculations.

If the Y is my negotiated salary, can I change that every year?

The Y component of the salary is an optional additional compensation that is “negotiated” with the Department, and it is the portion of the salary that is never covered under the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP). The Department of Radiology compares our faculty salaries every year with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) salary comparison report and sets the Y component for each faculty step and rank to ensure that our faculty salaries are competitive. Therefore, the Y salary component is determined by the Department Chair and is not truly negotiable.

Is there a Z factor in my salary, what does that come about?

Faculty may receive Z payments, which are Incentive Compensations and they are not considered covered compensation for UCRP. Z payments include: Clinical bonuses, research incentives, or administrative leadership role compensations. These Z payments are at the discretion of the Chair, the strategic needs of the department, the good standing of the faculty, and/or Department’s financial condition.

How often do I have a change on compensation?

A change in Compensation generally happens at the beginning of the Fiscal Year. That means that for the upcoming year your UCSF salary may be adjusted on July 1st.

Can I use my startup funds to increase my salary?

You cannot use your startup funds to increase your salary rate. If you need additional sources of funding after your date of hire, depending on the terms detailed on your appointment letter, startup funds may be used to pay a portion of your salary.

If I have other income like consulting agreements, is there a limit to how much I can get?

What is my faculty allowance?

The Department provides an annual allocation of $6,000 to each faculty member to support travel and professional development activities. For guidelines on how to use the funds, eligibility criteria and other information please contact Sonam Shrestha at [email protected].

Academic Advancement

How often am I eligible for a merit or a promotion?

How do the faculty academic ranks and steps work?

How will I get notified when I am eligible for a merit or promotion?

What is the difference between Clinical X series, In-Residence Series, HS Clinical, and Adjuct Series?

Where do I upload my most current CV?

Who should I speak to regarding my academic advancement?


I am a new Investigator, how do I find out research opportunities that give me a good chance of being funded?

I want to submit for a grant opportunity that just came up. Who will my contact be?

How do I know what grant to apply for?

The NIH has a useful website that provides a wizard which will help you decide on what grant to apply for. Please take visit this link:

I would like to work on an Industry Trial or a Clinical Trial, how can I do that?

Information can be found at UCSF Innovation Ventures at If you are having trouble getting the help that you need please contact Kathryn Wold-Murphy at [email protected].

I have to submit an IRB application. How do I go about working on it?

The Department of Radiology has several Clinical Research Coordinators that may help you with your submission. Consult with your Research Group leader to identify the right person to help you on your submission. However, you can submit your IRB application on your own.

If your Research involves Human subjects: The site for the Committee on Human Research is located at:
If your Research involves animal tests and procedures: The site for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is located at:

I received a notice of a new award - Now what?

If you received an award and you have not worked with the Pre-Award team or with Research Administration: Immediately contact Kathryn Wold-Murphy at [email protected] who will be able to help you with your new award setup.

If you worked through the Pre-Award Team: The sponsor will send a letter to the Pre-Award team who will start to set up a new account (now called chartstrings) for your grant. Once that is processed, your Post-Award Analyst will contact you to provide an account so that you can use to start spending on your grant.

Family Leave

How many weeks of maternity leave do I get?

Faculty will be granted twelve-weeks (84 consecutive calendar days) of paid childbearing leave. Individuals may elect to take leave without pay for up to one year following the birth of a child.

Do I have to inform anybody about my maternity leave?

Yes, please contact Lorna Kwok at [email protected] to start the maternity leave process.

Is paternity leave the same as maternity leave in terms of weeks of paid leave?

Faculty will be granted paid childrearing leave of twelve weeks (84 consecutive calendar days) – this can be taken as two six-week blocks consecutively or separately but must be used within 12 months of the birth, adoption, or placement of a child or children.

Who is eligible for Family/Maternity/Paternity Leave?

Faculty in all five series (Professor, In Residence, Clinical X, Clinical, and Adjunct) are eligible for family/maternity/paternity leave.

Someone in my family passed away, how much bereavement leave do I get?

The Department provides ten consecutive business days, per fiscal year, of paid bereavement leave (spouse or domestic partner, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling). Faculty will not be required to make up the clinical time. Please contact Amy Pradhan at [email protected] for additional information.

How many days and unpaid days of leave do I get if my child, parent, or spouse/domestic partner is sick?

The Department of Radiology grants a five-day fully paid leave if you are unable to work because you need to take care of your spouse/partner, child or parent.

You can also take Family Medical Leave (Unpaid) up to twelve (12) workweeks in a calendar year, continuance of health plan coverage as if on pay status, and reinstatement rights. Leave may be taken to care for your own serious health condition, to care for your child, parent, spouse, or domestic partner (same sex or opposite sex) with a serious health condition, or to care for your newborn child or a newly placed adopted or foster child. No salary accompanies FMLA, and FMLA leave may not run concurrently with disability/sick/childbearing leave awarded by your Department or the institution. In other words, should you utilize six (6) weeks sick leave or child rearing leave with pay, your remaining FMLA benefit without pay would be six weeks.

Human Resources

Who should I contact if I want to bring a visiting scholar, clinical volunteer professor, or research associate?

For visiting scholars, please contact Melinda Parangan-Chu.  If your clinical section wishes for a Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP), please contact Jocelyn Pulido.  If you need to a Research Associate or Affiliates, please contact Rukayah Abdolcader.

If I want to hire a new staff like SRA and CRC, who do I contact?

Please contact Mabel Zelaya at [email protected].

What are the procedures to follow to hire Post-Docs and Non-Faculty Academics (Professional Researchers or Specialists)?

What are the salaries for Non-Faculty Academics, Post-Docs, and SRA/CRC?

How much do visas cost and how long does the process take to get a visa? Who should I contact?

Please contact Jocelyn Pulido at [email protected] – (NFA Appts-Visas pdf)

IT Support

How do I buy a new computer?

  • For new faculty –  please contact Ma Lourdes Palad at [email protected]  
  • For existing faculty looking for a replacement, please contact Kristine Chooey at [email protected]

Who can help me with PACS related issues?

Contact (415) 443-3544 for PACS support.

How do I get VPN in my laptop, cell phone, iPad?

For help with VPN - please contact ITFS at (415) 514-4100 or