UCSF Ultrasound Lecture Series

A monthly one-hour lecture series for sonographers, radiologists, physicians and other medical professionals involved with the scanning and interpretation of ultrasound images in patient care.

This series is approved by the SDMS for CME credit for licensed sonographers (RDMS).

Upcoming Calendar / Lecture Topics

February 2, 2023 at 12:30 PM (Pacific Time) 

Hobart Harris, MDHernia from a Surgeon's Perspective

Hobart Harris, MD
Professor and Chief of General Surgery at UCSF

Topics include US findings for evaluation of pre-surgical repair, post-surgical pitfalls, utilization of different surgical mesh materials, and repair technique/outcomes that could alter/hinder scanning.

March 2, 2023 at 12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

HyCoSy: HysteroSalpingo Contrast Sonography

Dorothy Shum, MD
Associate Professor or Radiology and
Chief of Ultrasound at ZSFG Hospital


April 6, 2023 at 12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Pediatric US Topic TBD

Jesse Courtier, MD
Professor and Chief of Pediatric Radiology at UCSF



May 4, 2023 at 12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Fetal Imaging: US / MR Correlation

Mark Sugi, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology at UCSF



September 7, 2023 at 3:30 PM (DIFF HOUR / Pacific Time)      

   OverviewMaternal Birth Trauma: Levator Ani and the Anal Sphincter

    Hans Peter Dietz, MD
    Univeristy of Sydney



About the UCSF Ultrasound Lecture Series

We are a collective of ultrasound enthusiasts promoting advancement in the education and practice of diagnostic medical sonography. We are a subscription-based monthly lecture series, and our target audience includes sonographers, sonography students and radiologists. Our lectures provide SDMS Continuing Medical Education credits.

Mission & Purpose

We promote steady continuous education through incremental and year-round learning opportunities for our members in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. We achieve our goals by providing monthly scheduled live lectures and an on-demand video library of past lectures.

Our goal is to eliminate any obstacles to continuous learning in a fast-paced work environment.

Material / Subject Matter

UCSF is privileged to be home to a multitude of industry-leading health professionals, all of whom are passionate about sharing their knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous education.  As a result, our lecture series draws upon many different specialties - offering a wide variety of material provided throughout the series.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neuromuscular extremities
  • Obstetric & Gynecologic
  • General and Post-Surgical Transplant
  • Pediatrics and Small Parts
  • Surgeon’s Perspectives – Post-Op US
  • Evolving techonologies such as contrast-enhanced US and HyCoSy

Please note, Vascular sonography is not featured in this lecture series.

Each month, a different speaker will give an hour-long presentation involving one of the above topics, followed by an open Q&A during which all audience members are encouraged to participate.

Who Are Our Speakers?

UCSF is fortunate to be home to a multitude of industry-leading health professionals, all of whom are passionate about sharing their knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous education.  As a result, our speakers include a wide variety of experts on the leading edge of their field.

These include: diagnostic radiologists (ie: neuro, pediatric and MSK), maternal fetal medicine physicians, sonographers, and other medical practitioners whose duties include the utilization of ultrasound exams in patient care.

Examples of past speakers include:

  • Ruth Goldstein MD - Professor Emeritus and former Chief of Ultrasound at UCSF
  • Sara Edwards MD - Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UCSF
  • Stefanie Weinstein MD - Professor of Radiology at UCSF and Associate Chief of Radiology at SF Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Dorothy Shum MD - Associate Professor of Radiology at UCSF and Chief of Ultrasound at Zuckerberg SF General Hospital & Trauma Center
  • Tara Morgan MD - Former Associate Professor of Radiology at UCSF and Radiologist at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Vickie Feldstein MD - Professor of Radiology at UCSF
  • Scott Young MD - Radiologist and Chair of Radiology Finance at Mayo Clinic

CE Credit for Sonographers (RDMS)


  • This series is accredited by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) for registered diagnostic radiologic sonographers (RDMS)
  • This series is not accredited for physician credit.

Traditional CME Approach: Time consuming

  • Need to take time off work to attend CME seminars
  • Need to travel to distant conference destinations, with high cost of entry fees, plus food and lodging
  • Need to bulk absorb 8+ hours-worth of knowledge during one conference.
  • Need to choose between lectures scheduled on the same date/time slot

Our CME Approach: Made easier

  • One CME lecture per month during a typical sonographer lunch hour 12:30-1:30 PM Pacific Time.
  • Live zoom broadcast including speaker Q&A following each session
  • Three weeks post-lecture to review recording and request CME credit
  • Online on-demand viewing 24/7 of past lectures from our recordings library

Subscribing to the Series

We appreciate your interest in UCSF's Ultrasound Lecture Series and would be honored to have you and your staff join our ever-expanding audience.  Currently we are accepting organization-based subscriptions only.

If you are part of a hospital group, private practice group, or educational entity, please contact our Educational Program Director: Lisa Liu ([email protected]) for a subscription estimate specific to your organization.  


Lectures are scheduled on the first Thursday of each month, with a live lecture offering via Zoom 12:30 - 1:30 PM Pacific Time. Recording of lectures will be available for on-demand review, and CME credits can be requested for three weeks following the live lecture.

Participants may choose to join our live monthly zoom lectures, or review recordings at their leisure.

A minimum of 10 lectures are scheduled per year, with more offerings added as speakers become available.

CME Allocation

If you attend/watch all 10 sessions, a minimum of 10 CME's are available per audience member. If more lectures are added, the CME credits offered to participants will also increase. CME's are distributed after each event once attendance has been verified.


We offer subscriptions to organizations such as hospital groups, private practice groups, and educational entities. The cost is based on the number of sonographers (RDMS) who will be requesting credit. Subscriptions are contracted for the fiscal year (July-June), those organizations joining mid-year will be pro-rated. Contact our Educational Program Director: Lisa Liu ([email protected]) for a subscription estimate specific to your organization.  

Contact the Program Director


Lisa Liu
Educational Program Director of the UCSF Ultrasound Lecture Series
Email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our group! 

About our Lecture Series Founder

Long before Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings, the UCSF Ultrasound Section carved out an hour across lunch breaks for in-person learning sessions. Our technologists would practice scanning labs or gather to view a PowerPoint from our staff radiologists. My team of motivated sonographers took turns practicing scanning techniques, reading countless articles to comprehend ultrasound’s evolving technologies, and reviewing interesting cases.  

As time progressed, and we all transitioned to online gatherings, I saw an opportunity to expand our lunchtime learning hour to more than an in-house impromptu event. Thus, the birth of the UCSF Ultrasound Lecture Series. With each new Zoom session, our offerings evolved. Soliciting feedback and subject matter requests after each session, I reached out to leading experts and curated a truly diverse library of lectures.  

I hope you’ll join us in our coming sessions.  


Educational Program Director of UCSF Ultrasound Lecture Series & Ultrasound Supervisor