PET/SPECT Radiochemistry

Our group focuses on the design, development, and utilization of molecular imaging agents based on single photon – and positron – emitting radionuclides using our microPET/CT radiochemistry lab. Our lab facility includes microPET/CT (x-ray CT), radiotracer, etc. for imaging, we combine the sensitivity of radionuclide imaging techniques with molecules engineered to identify certain types of cells or cell processes. Following the development of imaging probes and their use in cell-based assays, in vivo studies are performed using small animal single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) combined with x-ray CT. In addition, our laboratory is also interested in the development of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals with novel molecular targets. Imaging- and therapeutic- agents for prostate cancer and breast cancer are currently under development, while other areas of interest include cell-trafficking / immunotherapeutics and radiotracer imaging.

Research Focus

Radiotracer and microPET/CT

Research Direction

Development of protease-based radionuclide imaging and therapeutic agents for cancer.