Celebrating our Faculty and Alumni

Recognitions & Celebrations

Outstanding Alumnus Award

Presented to a graduate of the UCSF Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging residency program who has achieved a high level of professional accomplishment, who has provided outstanding service to the field of radiology through their leadership, and who has promoted the culture of our department through collaboration, professionalism and excellence.

2022 Howard Rowley, MD

Howard Rowley, MDDr. Rowley completed his neurology and radiology residencies and a neuroradiology fellowship at UCSF. He is Chief of MRI for Neuroradiology at University of Wisconsin-Madison and past-president and Chair of the Foundation of the American Society of Neuradiology, from which he received a gold medal in 2020. Known for his warm and witty style and ability to translate rigorous science into clinical practice and memorable presentations, Dr. Rowely is among neuroradiology's foremost practitioners. Nominators noted that Howard is "a world-renowned educator, MRI guru, exemplary leader, investigator, teacher, and friend of the department. He is known and respected for his papers on stroke and dementia and advanced imaging techniques for neurological disease processes. Howard's openness, knack for teaching, and earnest drive to do right by our patients are readily apparent to anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him."

Past Awardees

  • 2021 Jessica Leung, MD
  • 2020 Vickie Feldstein, MD
  • 2019 James Spies, MD
  • 2018 Nancy Fischbein, MD
  • 2017 Mark W. Wilson, MD
  • 2016 Jeanne M. Laberge, MD
  • 2015 Jean-Francois Geschwind, MD
  • 2014 Ruth B. Goldstein, MD
  • 2013 Melvyn Korobkin, MD
  • 2012 Robert K. Kerlan, MD
  • 2011 Philip H. Goodman, MD
  • 2010 Peter W. Callen, MD 
  • 2009 Richard Barth, MD
  • 2008 Patricia Hudgins, MD
  • 2007 Robert J. Herfkens, MD 
  • 2006 Susan D. Wall, MD 
  • 2005 Erik H.L. Gaensler, MD
  • 2004 Michael D. Dake, MD
  • 2003 Faye C. Laing, MD
  • 2002 William G. Bradley, MD, PhD
  • 2001 W. Richard Webb, MD
  • 2000 Edward A. Sickles, MD
  • 1999 Herbert Y, Kressel, MD
  • 1998 Robert C. Brasch, MD
  • 1997 Henry I. Goldberg, MD
  • 1996 Hideyo Minagi, MD
  • 1995 Thomas L. Lawson, MD
  • 1994 William R. Brody, MD
  • 1993 James M. Moorefield, MD
  • 1992 R. Brooke Jeffrey, MD
  • 1991 Gary M. Glazer, MD
  • 1990 Michael P. Federle, MD
  • 1989 Wylie J. Dodds, MD
  • 1988 Albert A. Moss, MD
  • 1987 Gretchen Gooding, MD
  • 1986 Donald R. Kirks, MD
  • 1985 James A. Nelson,MD
  • 1984 Chalres E. Putman, MD
  • 1983 Stewart R. Reurter, MD

Clinical Faculty Excellence Award

The Clinical Faculty Excellence Award was established in 2021 to honor and celebrate our faculty who are distinguished by their dedication to clinical radiology, their superb skills in diagnostic and/or interventional radiology, and the exceptional care they provide to our patients. This honor is awarded annually.

2022 Spencer Behr, MD

Spencer Behr, MDDr. Behr received several nominations from within and outside the department for his award, all recognizing his expertise as a clinician and generosity as an educator. In presenting the award, Dr. Jane Wang, Abdominal Imaign and Ultrasound Section Chief, noted that "Spencer always goes above and beyond to ensure that we are providing excellent care. Not surprisingly, he is so highly regarded by our radiologists, always sharing interesting cases and his knowledge and insights so that we can all become better radiologists."

Nominators noted that "Spencer has a genuine fascination with and energy for providing the very best care, by universally goin the extra mile to understand clinical context of the cases he reads, consulting with myriad clinicians, and incorporating known medical knowledge, cutting edge clinical research, and considering modality-related features in his reads."

Past Winners

  • 2021 Liina Poder, MD

Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award

Presented for outstanding service to the UCSF Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging as a member of the Clinical Faculty.

2022 Judong Pan, MD

Judong Pan, MDDr. Pan's significant contributions as a volunteer clinical faculty member were cited by colleagues in the Musculoskeletal Imaging Section. Dr. Thomas Link, Section Chief, noted that "Judong is the second person to win this award twice. Dr. Pan has made tremendous contributions to our section and department. As a small section, it can be difficult to balance a busy clinical schedule and meet our academic goals. We have benefitted from Judong's work with our residents and fellows, where he offers so many generous insights from his experience in private practice. He is always in good spirits and he is a joy to work with. We are grateful to have him on our team."

His nominators observed that "Dr. Pan is an incredible teacher and excellent role model. I have learned a lot from him and he makes musculoskeletal radiology incredibly fun. All of the trainees are excited whenever we see Dr. Pan on the schedule!"

Past Awardees

  • 2021 Camilla Lindan, MD
  • 2020 Graham Wallace, MD
  • 2019 Judong Pan, MD
  • 2018 David M. Carlson, MD 
  • 2017 Derk Purcell, MD
  • 2016 Ramin R. Saket, MD
  • 2015 Nick G. Costouros, MD 
  • 2014 Joseph Stengel, DO 
  • 2013 Vishal (VJ) Bhagat, MD 
  • 2012 Frank Mainzer, MD 
  • 2011 D. Christian Sonne, MD
  • 2010 Douglas Sheft, MD 
  • 2009 Gerald K. Lee, MD 
  • 2008 Diego E. Ruiz, MD 
  • 2007 Myrtha Cesar, MD 
  • 2006 James Johnston, MD 
  • 2005 Geoffrey M. Riley, MD 
  • 2004 Bamidele F. Kammen, MD
  • 2003 Howard T. Nelson, MD
  • 2002 John J. McIntyre, MD
  • 2001 Alexander R. Margulis, MD
  • 2000 Sundeep Nayak, MD
  • 1999 Van V. Halbach, MD
  • 1998 Camilla E. Lindan, MD
  • 1997 Erik H. L. Gaensler, MD
  • 1996 Christopher G. Goumas, MD
  • 1995 Christopher K. Hoffman, MD
  • 1994 John D. Murao, MD
  • 1993 Michael J. Rizzo, MD
  • 1992 Jeffrey D. Dieden, MD
  • 1991 Richard P. Jacobs, MD
  • 1990 William J. Shea, MD
  • 1989 Jeremy A. McCreary, MD
  • 1988 J. Scott Dunbar, MD
  • 1987 Vincent McCormick, MD
  • 1986 Catherine Mills, MD
  • 1985 Edward L. Baker, MD
  • 1984 Richard H. Dorsay, MD
  • 1983 Howard T. Nelson, MD
  • 1982 Hooshang Taybi, MD
  • 1981 Jay A. Kaiser, MD
  • 1980 Alan J. Davidson, MD
  • 1979 Edward T. Evans, MD
  • 1978 Frederick R. Margolin, MD
  • 1977 Charles L. Rennell, MD

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