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Speaker Training Course

This is a departmental "hands on" speaking course taught by faculty in our department. The emphasis is as follows:  "Have A Clear Message".  In addition, we help participants with lecture organization, delivery and preparation.  The course is offered several times a year to four faculty at a time.  Commitment of 100% attendance and Section Leader pre-approval is required in order to assure no conflict with clinical responsibilities.

The course consists of three sessions.  Before the first session participants are expected to watch three 45 minute lectures titled "How I Do It".  These are recordings of three renowned faculty members who generously share their early experiences in developing their lecture skills as well as their recommended "best practices". 

  1. Session #1 includes an introductory didactic presentation followed by a discussion of the material presented there and in the three "How I Do It" lectures.  
  2. Session #2 is four hours long.  Each participant presents a 20 minute talk which is followed by group discussion and feedback regarding "The Message", what was done really well, and how the talk can be improved.  Each participant is provided a video of his/her talk and the group discussion.  All are expected to review their own video prior to Session #3. 
  3. In Session #3, all four participants repeat their (now improved) talk with another group discussion.  This also is recorded for individual review.

The course has been given for more than a decade.  It has received high marks from past participants.  The format is well tested and it has proven to be effective, efficient, and fun!  We guarantee that it will be worth your time and effort regardless of your level of experience.  The current teaching faculty are Elissa Price and Susan Wall.  Prior teaching faculty have included Chris Hess, Christine Glastonbury, and other outstanding speakers all of whom are available for advice.

Masters Lectures Videos - "How I Do it" (Internal access only)

Here is a 45-min talk on speech anxiety given at the University of California, San Francisco, in October 1988 by Dr. Michael Motley, chairman of the Department of Rhetoric at the University of California, Davis. Listening to this talk may bring your speech anxiety down a notch: Mimi-SpeechAnxiety.mp3  (Note: The talk begins at the 7-second mark.)

Advancement Packet Workshop

Research Workshops

Developing and Strengthening Your Academic Radiology Research Career
12-week series (pdf)

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  1. How to Get Started in Research
    Dr. Sharmila Majumdar, Vice-Chair of Research (pdf)
    Dr. Christopher Hess, Chair (pdf)
    View video
  2. Statistical Design: Basic & Practical
    Antonio Westphalen, MD (pdf)
    View video
  3. Mentoring Trainees in Research
    Karen Ordovas, MD (pdf) and Peder Larson, PhD (pdf)
    View video
  4. Writing Papers:  How the Experts do It
    Jim Barkovich, MD and Jane Wang, MD (pdf)
    View video
  5. How to Review a Paper
    Michael Hope, MD and Travis Henry, MD
    Handouts:  Paper 1 (pdf), Paper 2 (pdf), Peer Review (pdf), Reviewing a Manuscript (pdf)
    View video
  6. Grants Part 1: Preparing a Proposal
    David Wilson, MD, PhD (pdf) and Michael Weiner, MD (pdf)
    View video
  7. Grants Part 2: Submitting a Proposal
    David Saloner, PhD (pdf) and Megan Ballweber, BS (pdf)
    View video
  8. Grants Part 3: Grant Mechanisms - UCSF & external
    Michael Evans, PhD (pdf) and Dan Vigneron, PhD
  9. Grants Part 4: Mock Study Section
    Duygu Tosun, PhD, Ashish Raj, PhD, Sri Nagarajan, PhD and Sabrina Ronen, PhD (Chair)
    View video
  10. Oral Abstract Presentations: Pearls & Pitfalls
    Elissa Price, MD (pdf) and David Saloner, PhD (pdf)
    View video
  11. Designing & Managing Clinical Trials
    Thomas Hope, MD (pdf) and Nola Hylton, PhD (pdf
    View video
  12. You Got the Grant! Now What?
    Kathryn Wold-Murphy (pdf) and Teri Moore (pdf)
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Professional Development Workshops

Faculty Development Workshops

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Individual Development Plan Workshops 

Introduction and Overview
Marc Kohli, MD
Chris Laubenthal, Chief Administrative Officer
Amy Pradhan, Academic Affairs

View video

Comp Plan:  Understanding X, Y, and Z (pdf)
Tom McElderry, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Information Technology:  Helpful Tips (pdf)
Dr. Marc Kohli, Director of Clinical Informatics (pdf)

Academic Advancement:  How it Works
Dr. Susan Wall, Advisor to the Chair for Faculty Development

Research:  Getting Started (CHR Submissions, Seed Grants, Authorship)
Dr. Sharmila Majumdar, Vice-Chair of Research
Dr. Enrique Menendez, Director of Research Administration

Billing, Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance (pptx)
Christina Chen-Louie

Your CV:  Tips, Do's & Don'ts
Dr. Susan Wall, Advisor to the Chair for Faculty Development

NCFDD Resources

The National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty. They have many short workshops, webinars and resources that are designed to assist you to succeed in academics.  Please visit https://www.facultydiversity.org/

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