Osteoid Osteomas HIFU Clinical Trial

Comparative Treatment of Osteoid Osteomas         (CTOO Trial)

What is an osteoid osteoma?

Osteoid osteomas are painful bone tumors and make up about 10 percent of all benign bone tumors. They are most common in patients under the age of 25, particularly adolescents, with males affected three times more often than females.

Osteoid osteomas produce pain which is typically most severe at night and relieved by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. When pain begins to significantly interfere with activities of daily living despite medication, or if severe symptoms persist, many patients are referred for a minimally invasive procedure to treat the tumor.

Osteoid osteomas trial overview

  • Osteoid osteomas can become painful enough to interfere with regular activity.
  • Many patients over the age of 10 can enroll in a clinical trial to treat osteoid osteomas with high-frequency focused ultrasound (HIFU).
  • Please contact us at (415) 353-1853 so that we can learn more about your needs.

Trial advantages

  • Global leader in HIFU
  • Keeping the needs of patients front and center
  • Formulating new strategies for treating disease
  • Trailblazers focused on making improvements in health
  • Deep culture of working together to advance medical knowledge

Our commitment

  • Top-quality, compassionate care
  • Easy access and scheduling
  • Expedited results

Clinical trial enrollment

This clinical trial is supported by a grant from the Focused Ultrasound Foundation. UCSF is the coordinating site but patients can enroll at both UCSF and Stanford.

How do I qualify for the clinical trial?

  • Age 10 years old or older
  • History of osteoid osteoma not adequately controlled with medication
  • No prior interventional procedure for osteoid osteoma

What does the clinical trial entail?

  • Initial clinic visit with study doctor to find out more about both treatments
  • Random assignment to one of the two treatments
  • Questionnaires related to daily worst pain, medication use, quality of life, and treatment preference both before and following the treatment
  • Trial enrollees who complete all questionnaires will receive $100.

Are the treatments through the trial free?

No, the treatments through the trial will be billed to your insurance. Prior to enrollment, our specialized billing analyst will work with you to determine your insurance coverage. Only once we verify your coverage for either procedure would you be formally enrolled and randomized.

Can I be treated with HIFU without participating in the trial?

The HIFU treatment option is only available through the clinical trial.

How do I enroll?

To enroll at UCSF, please contact Clinical Research Coordinator,
Maya Aslam at [email protected] so that your clinical notes and imaging may be obtained for review.

To enroll at Stanford, please contact Caroline Huang at [email protected].

Coordinating Site Team Members

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