Biomedical Imaging Research Support Services

We provide imaging research services with all aspects of study including experiment and protocol design, comprehensive imaging analysis, and data management services, for clinical and pre-clinical research needs. We help develop your research idea into an imaging protocol. 

If you are unsure of how imaging can help your research, please submit a Feasibility Analysis Request (~2 minutes) prior to submitting a full study application.

Clinical Research Coordinators

The Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) Core provides expertise in conducting clinical research studies related to imaging and image-guided therapies. We support investigators with study set-up and management, IRB submissions, and data transfer. The CRC core also provide guidance on standard operating procedures to promote ethical conduct of clinical research and to ensure compliance with various regulatory agencies.

Co-Chairs: Z. Jane Wang, MD and Olga Tymofiyeva, PhD


The Cyclotron Core provides efficient production and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals for both clinical care as well as research use (preclinical and clinical research). The Core ensures proper testing and quality control of the radiopharmaceuticals, and also assists with the development and production of research compounds. The leadership of the Core provides guidance on the programmatic growth for the Cyclotron facility and the preparation of the facility for successful FDA inspections.

Chair: Robert Flavell, MD, PhD

Human Imaging

The Human Imaging Core provides expertise and resources in equipment and personnel (technologists and nurses) support for clinical studies. The Core provides guidance on feasibility analysis for imaging research proposals, and reviews applications to perform imaging research. It also oversees equipment upgrades and operations to ensure safety and compliance. The Human Imaging Core consists of five groups as below, consistent with modalities and locations.

Pre-Clinical Imaging

The Pre-Clinical Imaging Core provides expertise and resources for preclinical investigations. The Core assists with experiment and protocol design, in vivo imaging, and data analysis and management. It also provides guidance on feasibility analysis for imaging proposals. The Core also oversees equipment upgrades and operations to ensure safety and compliance. The Pre-Clinical Imaging Core consists of two groups as below consistent with modalities.

Scientific Computing Services (SCS)

The Scientific Computing Services (SCS) provides maintenance and support of our research computer infrastructure. It provides hardware computing support for research, which includes linux workstations, high performance computing clusters and connectivity for lab equipment as well as software support on those systems. SCS also works closely with UCSF Campus IT security initiatives to ensure quality and security of the computing services.

Learn more about the Scientific Computing Services (internal access required)

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