Interventional Radiology Research Lab

The UCSF Interventional Radiology Research Lab is a research facility in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF dedicated to delivering clinically relevant and advanced visualization of medical CT and MR images in order to aid in the diagnosis and pre-surgical planning of patients.The laboratory primarily conducts basic research on heart and brain imaging.



Mark Wilson, M.D.

Mark Wilson, MD
Director, Interventional Radiology Research Lab
Professor In Residence

Steven Hetts, M.D.Steven Hetts, MD
Associate Professor In Residence


Daniel Cooke, MD

Daniel Cooke, MD
Assistant Professor


K. Pallav Kolli, MDK. Pallav Kolli, MD
Assistant Professor 


Maythem Saeed, DVM, Ph.D.Maythem Saeed, DVM, PhD

Research Directions

Our group is focused on MR and MDCT based assessment of the neurological and cardivascular systems. In particular, we are interested in MR guided  imaging and microinfarction characterization using magnetic resonance and multidetector computed tomography. To this end, we have developed new pulse sequences, techniques and advanced digital image processing algorithms. Our clinical focus is to improve early detection and to monitor treatment of related diseases.

  • MDCT/MR Imaging for Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Microinfarction in Ischemic Heart Disease
  • MR Guided Intramyocardial Delivery of Angiogenic Therapies
  • Interventional MR projects based on the new combined MR/Fluoroscopy suite: work on embolization, MR compatible wires, balloons and stents
  • Joint project with Transplant service for inplantation of pancreatic islet cells
  • Joint project with Vascular Surgery in treating high-risk aortic arterial aneurysms with endovascular stent-grafts
  • Magnetic catheter navigation in the 1.5 Tesla MRI environment

Interventional Radiology Research Lab