Interventional Radiology Research Lab

The IR Research Lab is a multi-disciplinary research group whose studies focus on basic, translational and clinical aspects of image-guided therapy. In collaboration with a large number of internal and external academic partners and external industry partners, the IR Lab’s accomplishments included novel endovascular devices, imaging techniques, in vitro and animal models of disease, and industry standard support of multi-center, international clinical device trials. The IR Lab has grown rapidly since its inception; over 100 papers have been published and $4.5 million have been awarded in grant funding from various government and industry sponsors.

Research Directions


Developing a family of novel ChemoFilter devices to remove drugs from the blood; this work has also led to additional sponsored funding as well as formation of a startup company.

Schematic of the ChemoFilter Device That Incorporates a Block Copolymer Membrane That Captures Target Drugs In Situ
Schematic of the ChemoFilter Device That Incorporates a Block Copolymer Membrane That Captures Target Drugs In Situ.

Interventional MRI

  • developing tools to perform endovascular stroke treatment under 3T MRI guidance so stroke patients can be treated in any 3T MRI scanner or in a combined X-ray/MRI (XMR) suite
  • designing, prototyping, and testing endovascular devices in vitro and in vivo, the latter at our co-located large animal surgical and imaging facility
  • developing remote controlled endovascular catheter systems and testing them in vitro and in vivo in both the x-ray and 1.5T MRI environments
  • improving sensitivity and safety of endovascular MR imaging at 3T   
  • novel endovascular therapies for stroke, aneurysms, vascular malformations, and tumors of the brain, spine, head and neck
  • translational research on interventional MRI and endovascular therapy, including large animal studies and human studies
  • evaluating treatment of image-guided acute ischemic stroke in patients with wake-up stroke or uncertain time of stroke onset
  • multicenter international clinical trials evaluating of endovascular stents and flow diverters for the treatment of brain aneurysms
  • evaluating endovascular embolectomy devices for stroke treatment
  • evaluation of advanced applications in clinical x-ray angiography

Interventional MRI
1D plots of B1 fields calculated along the dashed white line in the image for TLR catheter coil (left) and a conventional lumped circuit catheter coil (right). The proposed TLR catheter coil achieved 6-fold B1 gain over the conventional lumped element catheter coil. TLR, transmission line resonator. 



IR Research Lab publications can be found under the following:


  • NIH R01: Endovascular Chemofiltration: Optimizing remov of chemotherapeutics and nanoparticles from the blood to reduce toxicity (current)
  • NIH R01: MARC – Magnetic Assisted Remote Control Catheter (in renewal)
  • NIH R21: Improved sensitivity and safety for endovascular MR imaging at 3T (current)
  • UCSF Radiology Seed Grant: PET/MR Quantification of Multifunctional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Targeted Chemotherapy (current)

New / Events

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Research Team

Mariam Aboian, MD, PhD, IR Research labMariam Aboiam, MD, PhD
[email protected]


Caroline Jordan, PhDCaroline Jordan, PhD
[email protected]


Aaron LoseyAaron Losey
[email protected]


Teri MooreTeri Moore
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Ryan SincicRyan Sincic
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Colin YeeColin Yee
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Summer Students

Maddie Dowd, IR Research LabMaddie Dowd



Ayushi Gautam, IR Research LabAyushi Gautam



Christina Miller, IR Research LabChristina Miller



Kevin O'ReillyKevin O’Reilly



Anna Vardapetyan, IR Research LabAnna Vardapetyan



Claudia Wong





  • Curtis Clayton
  • Loi Do
  • Scott Goodfriend
  • Bridget Kilbride
  • Kanti Kolli, MD
  • Yuo-Chen Kuo, MD
  • Prasheel Lillaney, PhD
  • Mark Lum
  • Skylar Nahi
  • Jason Ni
  • Dare Olorunsola, MD
  • Anand Patel, MD
  • Alyssa Talbott
  • Bradford Thorne
  • Ricky Tong, MD, PhD
  • Tiffany Tsai
  • Stephanie Tse
  • Maya Vella
  • Erin Yee
  • Jay Yu

IR Research Lab Faculty 

Professor, ZSFG
Chief of Interventional Radiology, ZSFG
Professor in Residence
Associate Professor
Assoc. Professor in Residence
Associate Professor
Associate Program Director, Neurointerventional Radiology Fellowship
Co-Director, Pulsatile Tinnitus Clinic
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