T32 Program - Biomedical Imaging for Clinician Scientists

T32 Training Grant - Research Training in Biomedical Imaging

The T32 program at the Department of Radiology at the University of California, San Francisco offers three one-year positions dedicated to advanced training in biomedical imaging research. The Department has a long record of excellence in clinical and academic radiology, and has one of the largest research enterprises funded through intra- and extramural funding and private donors. With numerous outstanding basic scientists and clinicians engaged in cutting edge imaging research across five principal campus units, the university provides a fertile ground for interdisciplinary collaboration. The T32 program exists to jumpstart the academic careers of junior radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians and to provide the essential foundation for developing a research program as an independent investigator.

T32 Program Mission

T32 Program Mission Statement

The goal of the T32 program is to train a new generation of leaders in academic radiology with expertise in biomedical imaging research by providing a facilitated transition between residency/fellowship and academic faculty positions in Radiology & Biomedical Imaging. These individuals will play a major role in maximizing the healthcare benefits that will flow from interdisciplinary translational research linking advances in the sciences of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics with continual technological evolution in biomedical imaging. We believe that UCSF is ideally positioned to train these future leaders, because it provides the critical combination of exceptional residents and faculty in an environment of excellent funding, established interdisciplinary cooperation, and outstanding institutional and departmental resources.

Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD - T32 Program Director

T32 Program Directors

T32 Program Executive Committee Members

T32 Program Description

The T32 program is sponsored by a grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (T32 EB001631), and is designed to give radiologists-in-training and junior nuclear medicine physicians the skills required to become independent clinical scientific investigators and leaders in academic biomedical imaging. The T32 program includes focused mentoring and formal training in clinical research, biostatistical methods, and grant writing. Trainees will complete one year of full-time dedicated research supplemented by appropriate core and project-specific coursework in one of 4 systematic tracks (Abdominal Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiology, and Molecular/Nuclear Medicine) followed by an additional clinical fellowship with dedicated research time in the associated section. The tracks are based on existing sections in the UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging that have an ongoing and established commitment to multidisciplinary collaborative research in biomedical imaging, although the program emphasizes flexibility and alternative approaches may be possible according to individual interests. Mentorship and supervision will be provided by teams incorporating radiologists, basic scientists, and clinicians. These teams will also include senior NIH funded researchers. The department provides state of the art imaging facilities with extensive laboratory support.

 T32 Program Description
MR-guided high intensity focused ultrasound of the femur in a pig model with contrast enhanced MRI (left) and PET (right). (T32 fellow Matt Bucknor, MD; 2012-13).

Application Procedures for T32 Program

The T32 program positions are filled for 2021-2022

Currently interviewing for fellowship positions 2022-23

In order to be considered for the T32 program, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of the U.S. or permanent resident.
  • Have an MD degree or be in or completing an approved radiology or nuclear medicine residency program.

Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae, a cover letter including a description of their research interests, and three letters of references to:

Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
T32 Training Grant Program Director
UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Box 0628
San Francisco, CA 94143-0628

All applications will be reviewed by the Training Grant Selection Committee, and applicants may be invited to interview. Stipend levels are in accordance with NIH guidelines based on years of postdoctoral experience and may be supplemented.

Research Award Opportunity for T32 Trainees

T32 Trainees are eligible to apply for the UCSF Resident Research Scholar Awards.
Learn more about resident funding opportunites

T32 Program Participants

T32 Program 2021-22 Trainees

2021-22 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Jeanette Mathieu, MD, Samantha Pisani Petrucci, MD, PhD and Allen Ye, MD, PhD.

T32 Program 2020-21 Trainees

2020-21 T32 Trainees

(Top row): Milan Manchandia, MD, Tyler Gleason, MD
(Middle row): Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director), Zhen Jane Wang, MD (Associate Director)
(Bottom row):  David Wilson, MD, PhD (Associate Director), Evan Calabrese, MD, PhD

T32 Program 2017-18 Trainees

2019-20 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Zhen Jane Wang, MD (Associate Program Director); Mithun Diwakar, MD, PhD; Maya Vella, MD; Kirti Magudia, MD, PhD; Jae Ho Sohn, MD, MS; David Wilson, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director).


T32 Program 2018-19 Trainees

2018-19 T32 Trainees

(L:R) David Wilson, MD, PhD (Associate Director); Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Andrew Callen, MD; Andreas Rauschecker, MD, PhD; John Colby, MD, PhD; Geraldine Tran, MD; Zhen Jane Wang, MD (Associate Director).

T32 Program 2017-18 Trainees

2017-18 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Peter Chang, MD; Lindsay Busby, MD, MPH; Joseph Leach, MD, PhD; Matthew Barkovich, MD; Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director).

T32 Program 2016-17 Trainees

2016-17 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Hari Trivedi, MD; Cyrus Raji, MD, PhD; Mariam Aboian, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Tong, MD. Not pictured: Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director).


T32 Program 2015-16 Trainees

2015-16 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Kim Kallianos, MD;  Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director); Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD; Chris Mutch, MD, PhD.  Not pictured: Vignesh Arasu, MD.

T32 Program 2014-15 Trainees

2014-15 T32 Trainees

(L:R) Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director); Nicholas Burris, MD; Robert Flavell, MD, PhD; Jacob Brown, MD, PhD; Marc Mabray, MD; Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director).

T32 Program 2013-14 Trainees

2013-14 T32 Trainees

Top row: Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director), Akash Kansagra, MD, Ramon Barajas, MD, Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director).
Bottom row: Parham Moftakhar, MD, John-Paul Yu, MD, PhD.

T32 Program 2012-13 Trainees

2012-2013 T32 Trainees

Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director), Matt Bucknor, MD, Amaya Basta, MD, Yuo Chen, MD, Anand Patel, MD, Chris Hess, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director).

T32 Program 2011-12 Trainees

2011-2012 T32 Trainees

Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director), Victor Sai, MD, John Mongan, MD, PhD, Etay Ziv, MD, Abby Deans, MD, Fergus Coakley, MD, PhD (Former Program Director).

T32 Program 2010-11 Trainees

2010-2011 T32 Trainees

Jason Talbott, MD, PhD, D. Thor Johnson, MD, PhD, Elanasif Arrayeh, MD, Fergus Coakley, MD (Former Program Director), Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Program Director), Ania Szary, MD.

T32 Program 2009-10 Trainees

2009-2010 T32 Trainees

Top: Timothy Shepherd, MD, PhD, Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD (Associate Program Director), Fergus Coakley, MD (Former Program Director), David Naeger, MD.
Bottom:  Gloria Chiang, MD and Sharon Kwan, MD.


T32 Program 2008-09 Trainees

2008-2009 T32 Trainees

Amita Kamath, MD, Maureen Kohi, MD, Dorota Wisner, MD, PhD, and Jeremy Collins, MD, PhD.

T32 Program 2007-08 Trainees

2007-2008 T32 Trainees

Akhilesh Sista, MD, David Wilson, MD, PhD, Jafi Lipson, MD, and Nick Costouros, MD.

T32 Program 2006-07 Trainees

2006-2007 T32 Trainees

Shiva Badiee, MD, Jeremy Durack, MD, and Z. Jane Wang, MD.


T32 Program 2005-06 Trainees

2005-2006 T32 Trainees

Christopher Hess, MD, PhD,  Antonio Westphalen, MD, and Matthew Falk, MD.

T32 Program Directors 

Professor, & Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging
Clinical Director of MQIR
Director, T32 Program
Professor in Residence
Associate Chair, Strategic Planning
T32 Program Associate Director
Professor in Residence
Chief of VA Neuroradiology
T32 Program Associate Director
Professor in Residence