Educational Materials



Educational Lectures

  • "Principles of (N)MR Imaging" Experimental NMR Conference, Educational Presentation, March 28, 2017.
    • View: SlidesVideo
    • Imaging principles for spectroscopists, assumes knowledge of resonance and relaxation. 
    • Topics: gradients, k-space, spatially-selective RF pulses, spectral-spatial acquisitions, spectral-spatial RF pulses
  • "Hyperpolarization - Description, Overview, & Methods" ISMRM Annual Meeting, Educational Presentation, April 26, 2017
    • View: Slides, Video
    • Basic introduction of Hyperpolarization via DNP, as well as PHIP and optical pumping
    • Imaging strategies and analysis methods for Hyperpolarized MRI (emphasis on carbon-13 metabolic imaging)
  • "Git Tutorial" UCSF, April 30, 2018
    • View: Slides, Video
    • Basics of how to use git for research projects
  • "Lung MRI" ISMRM Annual Meeting, Educational Presentation, May 16, 2019
    • View: Slides, Video
    • Challenges and Opportunities for Pulmonary MRI
    • Overview of 1H MRI methods, oxygen-enhanced MRI, hyperpolarized gas methods, and inert fluorinated gasses
  • "Software Development for Scientists" UCSF Practice of Science, February 18, 2020
  • "Mentoring Trainees in Research" UCSF Radiology Academic Research Series 2020

Recommended MRI Educational Resources

  1. Educational Materials from Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance.
  2. MRI Course Lectures from Albert Einstein School of Medicine:
    • Comprehensive series of lectures (56 in total) on MRI
    • Starts from the basics, going into advanced pulse sequences and MR contrast
  3. Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging textbook by Dwight Nishimura.   Available from Paperback or Hardcover
    • Complete and coherent description of MRI, targeted towards engineers and physicists
  4. MRI From Picture to Proton textbook by McRobbie, Moore, Graves, and Prince,  Cambridge University Press.
    • Comprehensive description of MRI, targeted towards a less technical audience
    • Many useful imaging examples and practical tips
  5. Questions and Answers in MRI
    • Answers to common questions about MRI
    • Broad range, from the most basic to very advanced 
  6. Bernstein, King, Zhou.  Handbook of MRI Pulse Sequences.  Academic Press.
    • Detailed descriptions of specialized MRI topics
    • Assumes introductory knowledge of MRI
    • Essential for MRI scientists
  7. Schröder, Faber. In Vivo NMR Imaging.  Spinger. 
    • Useful chapters on image formation, special contrast in MRI, and applications
    • Very detailed descriptions