SIVIC - Spectroscopic Imaging, VIsualization and Computing 

SIVIC is an open-source standards-based software framework and application suite for processing and visualization of DICOM MR Spectroscopy data.

softwareA diagram for 3D MRSI pulse sequence, developed for use in a protocol with automatic prescription. The dualband outer-volume suppression (OVS) radio-frequency pulses were designed to create two parallel saturation bands with a single RF pulse to reduce the power, emitted into the head and improve data quality.


Funding: Partial funding for SIVIC was provided by NIH P01 CA118816 and NIH RO1CA127612. 

Image Reconstruction
Spectral Reconstruction
Spectral Quantification
Perfusion Weighted Imaging
DCE Imaging
Phase Imaging
Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
Diffusion Weighted Imaging
Image Intensity Corrections
Reconstruction Algorithms
MRS Simulations
RT Treatment Plan Analysis
Hyperpolarized C-13 Data Analysis
Image Display
MRSI Display