ZSFG: Research Imaging Application / Requests

ATTENTION: This portal is for research requests that involve the Department of Radiology at ZSFG. 

NOTE: For investigators that are filling out the Imaging Research Application, you will be asked to upload the IRB approval letter, as well as your approved Zuckerberg San Francisco General Protocol Application, with the radiology signature being completed once this application request has been approved. 

Full Study Application and/or Data Analysis Only

The Department of Radiology at ZSFG requires that a Full-Study Research Application be submitted by investigators for review (and approval) before a research study may begin: 

ZSFG Imaging Research Proposal 
(Note: This is an online application cycle for research requests for Principal Investigators involving the Department of Radiology at ZSFG i.e., IT, imaging, intervention, interpretation, consulting, etc.)

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a date/time-stamped email confirming our receipt and letting you know that review has begun. Expected turnaround time for review and response is approximately 5 to 7 days. Depending upon the scope and complexity of your request more time may be needed.

Should you not hear back from us within a reasonable timeframe or experience difficulty submitting your application, please contact Teri Moore at [email protected] or Ph: (650) 714-8593.