Full-Study Imaging Application and PACS AIR


PACS AIR is a self-service platform which enables Automated Image Retrieval (AIR) from UCSF's clinical and research picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Investigators requiring direct access to image data files (i.e. DICOM files and services formerly proved by the Radiology Film Library) must request PACS AIR access.

  1. Please review the PACS AIR Overview prior to requesting PACS AIR access.
  2. Individuals performing image tansfers for clinical trials (e.g. HDFCCC study coordinators) are highly encouraged to review Imaging Data 101.
  3. To request and/or update access to PACS AIR, please complete the PACS AIR Access Request Form.



Individuals lacking advanced training in radiologic or biomedical imaging sciences are encouraged to submit an Imaging Research Proposal Feasibility Analysis Request (~2 minutes) prior to submitting a full study application. This request will be routed to relevant senior investigators who will provide feedback to the submitter. 



The Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging requires investigators to submit a Full-Study Imaging Application for review and approval before an imaging study may begin: 

1. Imaging Research Application (IRA) (Preclinical Only)

2. Imaging Research Application Amendment (Note: Investigators who have submitted an imaging research application, but have modified the imaging component of their study (e.g. imaging protocol, pharmaceutical dosage, etc.) must notify the Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging after receiving IACUC approval for study modifications)

3. Application to Perform Imaging Research (Human)

4. Oncology Application to Perform Imaging Research (Human) (Note: This is a dedicated online application cycle for Cancer Center requests for imaging (scan time) or imaging-related services) 

Please contact our Administrator, Luigi Pulido at [email protected] or Ph: (415) 514-8267 for matters related to clinical and human imaging studies. For matters concerning Preclinical, Specimen, and Phantom imaging, please contact our Imaging Program Manager, Emma Bahroos at [email protected].