MicroPET/CT, MicroSPECT/CT, MicroCT, and Optical Imaging

We offer nuclear, x-ray, and optical imaging solutions utilizing dual-modality microPET/CT and microSPECT/CT, and bioluminescence/fluoresence imaging systems. Our housing facility is managed by LARC and is classified as an “in-and-out” facility that is well suited for longitudinal studies. Our imaging scanners are run by highly trained professionals. We also have imaging science experts to provide additional help on image reconstruction, co-registration, tracer kinetic modeling, and quantifications.

Watch the Core Technology presentation given by Director, Youngho Seo, PhD.

Getting Started

We provide assistance with all aspects of your study including experiment and protocol design, animal care and housing, in vivo imaging and data analysis. Please contact us with your questions and ideas.

All imaging studies can be done through our PET/SPECT/CT core protocol and LARC/IACUC standard procedures.


  • Siemens Inveon dedicated microPET docked with microCT (for PET/CT and CT)
  • MILabs VECTor4/CT (for SPECT/CT, PET/CT, and CT)
  • PerkinElmer IVIS 50 (for bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging)
  • PerkinElmer FMT 2500 (for fluorescence tomography)

Imaging Capabilities

  • Whole-body rodent PET, SPECT, CT, bioluminescence, fluorescence
  • ECG or respiratory gated PET, SPECT, and CT
  • Dual-modality PET and SPECT combined with CT
  • Contrast-enhanced (vascular and hepatobiliary) microCT imaging
  • Ex-vivo microCT imaging

Data Analysis and Management  

  • Kinetic Modeling
  • Quantification
  • Co-Registration
  • Image Processing