Nuclear-Optical Imaging

Our Nuclear-Optical Imaging Core is fully equipped with pre-clinical imaging instrumentation, live subjects housing and surgical suite, biodistribution gamma counter, full-body cryotome, and autoradiography. Our goal is to provide our imaging expertise to delineate the molecular biology and biochemical signatures that are important to disease initiation, progression, treatment, and prevention.

Watch the Core Technology presentation given by Youngho Seo, PhD

Getting Started

We provide assistance with all aspects of your study including experiment and protocol design, animal care and housing, in vivo imaging and data analysis. Please contact us with your questions and ideas.


  • Caliper LifeSciences IVIS-50 Bioluminescence/Fluorescence Imager
  • MILabs VECTor4/CT (Used For SPECT, CT, and PET)
  • VisEn Medical FMT-2500 Optical Tomographic Imager
  • Universal adaptor for Multi-modal Imaging

Imaging Capabilities





  • Bioluminescence
  • 2D Fluorescence Imaging with the following filters:
    • GFP
    • DsRed
    • Cy5.5
    • ICG
  • 3D Fluorescence Imaging with the following lasers:
    • Cy5.5
    • Cy7
  • Multi-Modal Imaging (CTSPECT, PET, MR)

Data Analysis and Management  

  • Image processing and analysis
  • Image co-registration