MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) Research at China Basin



Tabletop System: inSightec ExAblate 2100 with integration into the 3T MR wide-bore scanner



Conformal Bone System: ~1000 element phased array, 550 kHz, water filled membrane, real-time beam steering (moving organs - but frequency not optimal)



Prostate System: ~1000 element phased array, 2.3 MHz, water filled sleeve, robotic motion system, real-time beam steering in x,y,z

Recharge Rates



Rate Description Unit Internal Rate External Rate Rate change effective date Internal Rate Change Pending External Rate Change Pending
Human Imaging Core Services HIFU Fibroid procedure $3,070.00 $3,868.20      
HIFU Bone procedure $3,720.00 $4,687.20      
Gel pads each $300.00 $378.00