Cardiac and Interventional MRI at Parnassus

Our interventional magnet is a Philips Ambition 1.5T.  It features a 70cm bore, 45mT/m (peak) and 200mT/m/ms (slew) gradients, and a sealed magnet design that assures there will be no helium expulsion. 

  • Neurovascular Imaging
  • Endovascular MR Methods
  • Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Guidance
  • Cardiac Imaging

Our core features a wide bore 1.5T MRI in an operating room like environment. The suite is optimized for minimally invasive endovascular or percutaneous procedures and neurosurgical procedures requiring burr hole access.  The MR system is well configured for cardiac, vascular and neurological MR studies and research access is available one day per week.

The Interventional MRI suite is currently being renovated and is expected to come back online in June of 2023.