3T MRI at China Basin

The 3T MR scanner at China Basin was installed in 2003 and was San Francisco’s first 3T MRI. The magnet has the latest technology from GE healthcare with 16 receivers and a high speed/high volume data pipeline, multi-nuclear capability and high performance gradients. The scanner is available for clinical and pre-clinical studies to users on a recharge basis with dedicated support staff to assist them in application development.


Rates: 3T MRI at China Basin



Rate Description Unit Internal Rate External Rate Rate Change Effective Date Internal Rate Change Pending External Rate
Change Pending
Human Imaging Core Services 3T Signa Scan hour $555.00 $699.30         
Nurse hour $129.00 $162.54      
Consultation hour $139.00 $175.14      
Contrast Agent 20 ml bottle $58.00 $73.08      
Endorectal Coil each $160.00 $201.60      
Syringes each $22.00 $27.72      
PET-MR hour $1,030.00 $1,298.00      
Radiology Technologist - without scan hour $134.00 N/A