Image-Guided Therapy SRG

Image-Guided Therapy SRG Members:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Image Guided Therapy (IGT) SRG is to serve as a world leader in developing new and improved guidance for a wide array of clinical applications.  We aim to:

  • Improve guidance and evaluation of therapy
  • Perform interventions and deliver therapy in a more minimally invasive fashion
  • Develop applications in evolving medical therapies for which there presently does not exist an acceptable delivery mechanism
  • Perform pre-clinical device development in collaboration with industrial partners
  • Conduct clinical trials that provide guidance to the medical community as to best practice in the therapeutic management of patients

Research Projects

In line with our mission statement, the IGT SRG has projects that explore several key areas of therapy delivery, including:

  • Understanding the response of the brain to different interventional strategies, techniques, and therapeutics.
  • Understanding the response of the brain to thromboembolic and hypoperfusion insults.
  • Utilization of non-invasive high intensity focused ultrasound to treat a wide array of clinical conditions.
  • The development of a novel catheter guidance system that allows remote deflection of the catheter tip when within an MR scanner.