Breast and Bone Density Group

The Breast and Bone Density Group (BBDG) focuses on the development of new sensing and X-ray imaging methods and devices for quantifying tissue densities and body composition.

Who is part of the Breast and Bone Density Group

We are mostly physicists and engineers who translate our core knowledge bases to medical applications.  Meet our team.

What makes the Breast and Bone Density Group unique

Because of our affiliation to UCSF and international collaborators, we have access to huge datasets for testing our techniques for validity and clinical significance before investing in years of hardware development. The result is a streamlining of ideas to clinical practice. Some examples of the studies we work with are the Breast Cohort Study (with over 2,000,000 full-field digital mammograms and associated outcomes), the NHANES study (with 25,000 dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans), and the Health Aging and Body Composition Study.

Does this seem interesting to you?

We are actively seeking future students for research rotations and full time thesis students for imaging, instrumentation, and algorithm development.  Learn more about opportunities with the Breast and Bone Density Group.

Would you like to participate in the UCSF “Shape Up! Study" to measure your percent body fat, percent lean, and bone density? Learn more


Complete list of publications can be found at Dr. John Shepherd's UCSF profile under "Publications."


Director, Breast and Bone Density Group
Adjunct Professor