Breast Imaging Research Group

Vision Statement

The Breast Imaging Research Group is led by Professor in Residence, Dr. Nola Hylton, to advance breast imaging-based approaches for breast cancer diagnosis, leading to earlier detection, reduction of disease recurrence and improved survival.

Mission Statement

To develop improved breast imaging technologies for:

  • Early breast cancer detection
  • Improved diagnostic specificity
  • Greater precision of image-guided biopsy
  • Pre-surgical statging prior to breast conservation
  • Breast density measurement for breast cancer risk assessment
  • Response assessment for preoperative chemotherapy and hormone treatment
  • Non-invasive prognostic and predictive markers
  • Major Research Project Areas include
  • Breast Tissue Composition and Cancer Risk
  • MRI/MRS for assessing tumor response to neoadjuvant
    chemotherapy for patients with locally-advanced breast
  • MR Imaging of DCIS for staging and assessment of response to hormonal treatment
  • Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring using combined MRI and optical spectroscopy
  • Quantifying Bone Disease in Adolescents and Special Populations

Breast Imaging Research Faculty

Co-Director, Breast Cancer RIG
Professor in Residence
Chief of Breast Imaging
Co-Director, Breast Cancer RIG
Professor in Residence
Assoc Prof Clinical Radiology
Director, Breast and Bone Density Group
Adjunct Professor