Our latest research, published in American Journal of Roentgenology, suggests that there is room for improvement by radiologists when it comes to managing patients in accordance to established BI-RADS categories for breast MRI exams.

When patient Michael Johnson learned kidney tumor ablation was an option to remove a small tumor, he made a decision and never looked back. 

UCSF's PET/MRI technology provides most detailed and accurate information in a single procedure to empower the patient and medical team to make the best treatment decisions. 


Mark How, radiology tech working with patients using the PET/MRI device, shares his perspective on UCSF's cutting-edge technology and the high quality of patient care.

PET/MRI is a hybrid imaging technology that is serving critical diagnostic and treatment purposes for current UCSF patients as well as playing an important role in research for future patients.

PET/MRI benefits reach far beyond convenience and reduced radiation. In combination, the two modalities improve patient care by minimizing radiation doses while also providing more accurate images and information.