Neuroradiology Advanced Techniques and Technologies

At UCSF we have the highest quality imaging equipment and use the appropriate one for the task at hand in order to achieve crisper, better, more detailed, higher resolution images for patients.


Brain Scans - UCSF Medical 

Some of the innovative techniques and technologies that support our clinical and research work include:

High Field, High Resolution MRI

Over recent years, high field, high resolution MRI scanners (3T and above) have become increasingly widespread due to clear advantages such as more accurate detail, higher resolution, crisper images that allow an experienced physician radiologist to better see and diagnose and thus appropriately contribute to treatment for patients with an even higher level of confidence.  Learn more


Combines two imaging techniques to provide functional and anatomic information particularly useful for oncology diagnosis and cancer staging.  Learn more

64-slice CT and CT Angiography

These scanners have the latest low radiation CT and Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) software for a wide range of disorders. With investments in software and UCSF tailored protocols, we have reduced radiation dose to patients by 80%.  Learn more

MR neurography, also known as MR Imaging of Peripheral Nerves

Useful for a wide range of nerve disorders ( nerve pain treatment, nerve root compression, nerve injury, trauma) in nerves of the neck, arms, legs and back to locate site of pain and recommend/provide treatment. Learn more

Coronal MR - UCSF Medical
Coronal MR of left sciatic nerve tumor (arrows).

CT-Guided Spine Procedures for Spinal Stenosis or Nerve Injury

Useful for pain intervention for spinal stenosis or nerve injury including epidural and selective nerve blocks, sympathetic ganglion block, facet injections, and radiofrequency ablations of facet syndromes.  Learn more

CT-Guided Epidural Blood Patches

Useful for chronic and acute CSF leaks (spinal fluid leaks).

Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty and Sacroplasty

Helpful in treating fractures and providing pain relief at the site of fractures or compressions.  Learn more

Myelography and Lumbar Puncture with X-Ray or CT Guidance

Helpful for revealing conditions such as spinal tumors, spinal cord swelling and herniated (slipped) disks.  Learn more

Spinal Biopsy

Useful in diagnosing spinal lesions. Learn more

Spinal Tumor Ablation

A technique to provide a minimally invasive metastatic spinal tumor treatments – using radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy.

MRI CSF Flow Study

Utilize to help diagnose unexplained headaches, tinnitus, dementia, urinary incontinence, balance issues, cognitive defects due to head trauma, tumors, hemorrhage, infections or stenosis.

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