Andrew Mogga, MD Candidate, Shares His Summer RIDR Experience at UCSF Radiology

Andrew Mogga, MD candidate (’24) at Albany Medical College, was a member of the 2021 RIDR cohort, the Research Initiative to promote Diversity in Radiology. Andrew worked with Orit Glenn, MD and Elizabeth George, MBBS, faculty in the neuroradiology section who introduced him to the field. In early 2022, Andrew will deliver an oral presentation at the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology (ASPNR) 4th Annual Scientific Meeting scientific meeting under their guidance and mentorship.

“Prior to the RIDR program, I knew I was interested in radiology, but I wanted more exposure,” Andrew says. “The RIDR program afforded me the chance to further explore radiology as a career choice and enhanced my understanding of the specialty. But most importantly, [the program] boosted my confidence in regards to pursuing this field as an underrepresented student.”

Hear from Andrew in his own words by watching the video below.

“One of the goals of the RIDR program is to bridge the gaps in representation in radiology,” says Matthew Bucknor, MD, associate chair for wellbeing and professional climate and RIDR director at UCSF Radiology. “In the field of medicine, it is vital that we bring in people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and improve patient outcomes.”

For the past five summers, the Research Initiative to promote Diversity in Radiology (RIDR) at UCSF has hosted underrepresented high school, college, and medical students who are interested in pursuing radiology research projects. For the eight-week 2021 session, 14 students from across the U.S. conducted in-depth basic science, translational, and clinical research with UCSF radiology faculty. To wrap-up the summer session, each student had the opportunity to present their work during a research symposium.

Visit the program’s page to learn more and hear from UCSF RIDR program alumni.

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