Dual-energy CT (DECT) is not new, in fact, says Benjamin Yeh, MD, it has been around just as long as computed tomography (CT) has. What is new is that CT scanners can capture DECT quickly and with good image quality. He discusses new applications of DECT along with his lab's translational research group focusing on the exploration and development of novel CT techniques.

The SAR and ESUR set out to establish joint guidelines on PAS disorders and propose strategies to standardize image acquisition, interpretation and reporting with MRI. The lead authors of this important consensus work are Priyanka Jha, MBBS and Liina Poder, MD.

For women in particular, cardiac MRI helps achieve diagnosis and further guide management of treatment in patients with heart disease. Women are often misdiagnosed, and the trend of their misdiagnosis has contributed to rising cardiac deaths amongst their patient population.

Parental leave policies are a frequent topic in the news, including in the field of internal medicine. Kirti Magudia, MD, PhD, recently reviewed a study that found that most internal medicine program directors (PDs) misinterpret American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) leave policies for resident physicians.

 Matthew Bucknor, MD, associate chair for wellbeing and professional climate, announces the launch of a new, wellbeing initiative.

Cardiac MRI helps to achieve improved diagnosis and further guide management of treatment of patients with heart disease. Karen Ordovas, MD, MAS, director of Cardiac Imaging talks about the many benefits.