RADWomen UCSF is a new initiative promoting advocacy for women at all career levels in Radiology at UCSF. Faculty members Christine Glastonbury, MBBSPriyanka Jha, MBBS and Kimberly Kallianos, MD have received the UCSF Chancellor’s Fund Needs and Enrichment Award to support speakers for a series of talks to raise awareness of special circumstances faced by women faculty, staff, and trainees, to support their careers at UCSF Radiology and beyond, and to promote a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all UCSF Radiology community members.


This event was really empowering and inspiring and honestly just made me feel a lot better! Just knowing that others are also struggling was very helpful (I'm in some very good company!), as were the practical suggestions that the panel members offered. I also really admired the panel members' honesty.

UC-Wide Grand Rounds Attendee


Such a fantastic presentation. This wasn't just about women in medicine, it was about self-care, stress, anxiety. So much good stuff to talk about.

UC-Wide Grand Rounds Attendee


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