Radiology Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

Left to right: Martin Rawlings-Fein and Cindy Cheng, co-chairs of UCSF Radiology's Staff DEI Committee

Staff DEI Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the bridge between staff and leadership. This committee will recognize underrepresented voices within our department and examine policies and practices to close gaps to access opportunity and achievement. Our goal is to create a work culture where everyone feels welcomed and supported to achieve their greatest potential.

RAD Against Racism

RAD Against Racism is a place to come to share, listen, be seen, and be heard. We believe RAD Against Racism is a starting point in learning how we can help support and amplify people's voices.

RAD Against Racism is a forum with the intention & focus on the following three areas:


We believe in sharing our experiences and stories to awaken us to the structural racism in our lives. We want to become aware of our people's experiences and support the process of becoming aware of our experiences.

Band & Bond

We believe in the power of alliance and supporting one another. We want to unite and support each other in building a community where we recognize that our collective perspective creates a voice more significant than any individual.


We believe we can dismantle elements of structural racism in our communities. Through being aware, by banding together and with intentional action, we will dismantle structures and systems that inherently support divisiveness and racism.

Past DEI Events

Staff DEI Committee Members

All are Welcome

Campus staff members are welcome to join our Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. If you are interested in creating a community and culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our department, then we want your help!  Join our Staff DEI Committee.

  • Martin Rawlings-Fein (Co-Chair)
  • Cindy Cheng (Co-Chair)
  • Rukayah Abdolcader
  • Jessica Gibbs
  • Faye Hoang
  • Tyler Iwamura
  • Stephanie Murphy
  • Brandon Nguyen
  • Ma. Lourdes Palad
  • Hanh Ryan
  • Sonam Shrestha
  • Samira Zebarjadian

Staff DEI Co-Chairs

Communication & Events Manager
Educational Technician Specialist
Audio Visual Technician