Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program


Program Vision Statement

The vision of the Radiology Residency Program at UCSF is to be a leading training program dedicated to shaping exceptional radiologists through innovative education, compassionate patient-centered care, cutting-edge research, and fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

Our mission is to train, shape, and inspire the next generation of radiologists, who will make a significant impact on patient care, research, and the advancement of radiology as a whole.  Through a rigorous and diverse training curriculum, we aim to cultivate a culture of excellence, professionalism, and self-motivated and directed learning.  Our program emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care, where residents learn to approach each imaging study and each individual patient with empathy, respect, and cultural sensitivity.  We aim to instill a strong sense of ethical responsibility, integrity, and highest standards of professionalism in our residents.

What Makes Us Special

Our program has a clear mission and purpose of training the next generation of leaders in the field of radiology.  We foster a positive, inclusive, and innovative culture of continuous learning and invest in training, mentorship, and professional development of each and every resident.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our program recognizes, appreciates, and values the difference based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, religion, disability, and other aspects of identity of our team, clinical providers and patients.  We are committed to actively recruiting and retaining residents from underrepresented groups and providing cultural competency training to all members of our department.  By actively embracing and promoting diversity and inclusion, we strive to improve patient outcomes, equitable healthcare, and more inclusive and representative radiology workforce.  Learn more about our commitment to diversity.

Residency Leadership

Diagnostic Radiology Chief Residents (left to right): Katherine (Katie) Cecil, MD, Stephen Wahlig, MD, and Madhavi Duvvuri, MD, MPhil

Professor, Vice Chair for Education
Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency
Associate Program Director, Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency
Professor in Residence
Associate Professor
Director, IT, ZSFG
Co-Director of Residency Selection Committee
Assoc Professor Clin Radiology
Associate Professor
Director of Clinical Operations, ZSFG
Associate Residency Program Director
Assoc Prof Clinical Radiology
Associate Professor
Residency Site Director, UCSF Mission Bay
Director, Pediatric Radiology Fellowship Program
Asst Prof Clinical Radiology