Zhen Jane Wang, MD and Peder Larson, PhD Selected as Distinguished Investigators

Z. Jane Wang, MD and Peder Larson, PhD have been selected to receive the Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research’s 2019 Distinguished Investigator Award. This prestigious honor recognizes individuals for their accomplishments in the field of medical imaging. According to Renée L. Cruea, MPA, executive director, these recipients represent the top 10% of all academic radiology faculty.

Z. Jane Wang, MD

“The Distinguished Investigators represent the future of research in radiology, advancing the field and developing ways to significantly improve patient care through imaging,” said Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, who is a Council of Distinguished Investigators co-chair. “We look forward to honoring the 2019 class of inductees at RSNA and to their continued success.”

Dr. Wang is an associate professor and co-director of the Body Research Interest Group (RIG) in the UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging. Her research interests focus primarily on identification of novel imaging techniques and their development into practical and clinically useful diagnostic tools. Her research program includes hyperpolarized 13C MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) to assess renal tumor aggressiveness and diffuse renal disease (nephropathy), as well as quantitative imaging in pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Larson is an associate professor in residence and a principal investigator. His professional interests include MRI technology development and clinical translation. His research program is primarily centered around developing new MRI scanning and reconstruction technology for improved clinical outcomes. These developments in his group are aimed at several applications: Metabolic imaging methods using hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI, PET/MRI and semi-solid tissue MRI. 

“Collectively, these Distinguished Investigators advance medical imaging research and the field in immeasurable ways,” says Cruea. “Honoring these individuals is one of the Academy’s annual highlights.

Drs. Wang and Larson and the other 35 researchers will be inducted into the Academy’s Council of Distinguished Investigators during a ceremony that will be held during the Radiological Society of North American (RSNA)’s Annual Meeting that takes place December 1-6, 2019.

The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research is an advocacy organization, whose mission is to advocate for support of federal investment for medical imaging research on behalf of the imaging research community. Academy members are imaging societies, foundations, and academic radiology departments. The Academy’s Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research further engages patient advocacy groups and industry partners.


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