Sonography for Fetal Treatment and More

Ruth Goldstein, MD began the exploration of her radiology tool of choice, ultrasound, by taking up its long traditional use in obstetrics and gynecology early in her career.

In fact, she literally wrote the book on it. Dr. Goldstein served as as co-author of Obstetric Ultrasound/Gynecologic Ultrasound: An Issue of Ultrasound Clinics.

Her interest in ultrasound developed into a passion for the many aspects of fetal imaging, down to the minutely precise treatment of the fetal central nervous system with the help of sonography. The technology is best suited to use in pregnancy because it produces no radiation.

Another research interest of Dr. Goldstein’s is thyroid cancer imaging and pre-operative evaluation. She has ongoing research on long-term outcomes of patients with thyroid nodules.

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