Appointment Self Scheduling

The following examinations are available for patient self-scheduling in MyChart:







Nuclear Medicine

Nearly all CT scans

Limited to a few neuro MRI, including pituitary and many face/neck examinations

Many abdominal and pelvic exam types, as well as pediatric spine ultrasound

Screening mammograms only. Diagnostic mammograms are in the works

Select chest and abdominal exams

Available for self-scheduling

Not available for self-scheduling

Self-Schedule Your Appointment


  • Patients must be active in UCSF MyChart.
  • When an eligible order has been placed by a provider, patients will receive a message from MyChart informing them they can self-schedule their appointment.
  • Some studies may be listed above but not eligible for self-scheduling because they require special handling from our schedulers including exams that require anesthesia or multiple exams that are ordered simultaneously.

For help with your MyChart account, call UCSF MyChart Customer Service at (415) 514-6000.