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We serve a diverse range of indivduals. One thing that many of the them has in common is a willingness to share their stories. They do this because they know how hard it was to find a practice like ours and because of our commitment to them. 

Cynthia Hammond, Practice Manager

Laura’s Journey: From Breast Cancer Diagnosis to Radiant Survival

Laura Holmes Haddad visited the UCSF Imaging facility at 1725 Montgomery Street, and shared her journey from terrifying breast cancer diagnosis to three years of radiant survival. Learn more



Cindy Lee, MD at UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

The approach to health care at the Montgomery Street office at UCSF is unique.  We have three practices on one floor, and work among doctors in different specialties, who are just across the hall.  We have the ability to empower our patients, involving them in team discussions, as indicated. Learn more


Fung Lam, MD at Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc. and Golden Gate Skin Center

We are able to go over findings with patients on a same-day basis, eliminating the anxiety that can be caused by waiting for results. In addition, it is wonderful to work with colleagues who have the same commitment to patient care that we do, so that getting patients in on an emergent basis is never a problem.


Karen Callen, MD at Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc. and Golden Gate Skin Center

Because of our collaboration with UCSF, we can now offer our patients the highest quality women's imaging available anywhere, right next door. Not only is it convenient for the patients, it is amazing to walk across the hall and review scans with some of the world's experts in obstetrical and gynecologic imaging.  Learn more 

Irene Sun – Administrative Assistant

Making patients feel welcome is the starting point of our care for them: we have the opportunity to respond to all of their needs -  from their state of mind to specific health requirements.  The ambiance is upbeat and I am proud of the culture we have created.

Kristin Held, Practice Administrator at Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc. and Golden Gate Skin Center

We welcome UCSF to 1725 Montgomery Street. They provide a quick and convenient solution for our patients who need to schedule follow up visits with radiologists for ultrasounds, screening mammographies and more.


Julie O’Brien – Administrative Assistant

The environment is warm and welcoming, and I love the focus on communication. We put our patients first and are empowered to find solutions. It’s when you are able to go to work in the morning and feel upbeat every day that you realize you’re in the right place.  Learn more


Cynthia Hammond, Practice Manager and Chief Technologist at UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

The ability to troubleshoot from various vantage points is essential to great care. It is for this reason that we prioritize troubleshooting in the way we train and operate. I love this neighborhood. The dynamic neighborhood we work in serves as an inspiration and continual source of pleasure for all members of the team.

Barbara Feiereisel - Principal Sonographer, UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

I chose a career at UCSF Montgomery Street because of the patient-focused tranquil atmosphere and the continuity of care we strive to provide for them.  We add on appointments the same day when possible and work closely with the referring physicians so that they can receive prompt results which they can relay to the patient. Communication is important to put patients at ease and to make them comfortable with the care they are receiving.  Patients receive excellent quality ultrasound exams read by the foremost ultrasound radiologists in the country.

1725 Montgomery is a part of San Francisco History

The historical 1725 Montgomery Street building is set in the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco. It laid at the edge of the water during the Gold Rush boom in the 1800’s, which fueled the growth of the city. Today it finds itself at the heart of the financial district, surrounded by landmarks such as the Coit Tower and Lombard Street. 1725 Montgomery Street’s restoration exposed traditional brick walls while adding modern touches, giving it its iconic look.

Bone Density Scanner (DXA)

Bone density scanner is the most accurate way of diagnosing osteoporosis and is an accurate predictor of potential bone fractures. Learn more. 


Ruth Goldstein, MD, Chief of Ultrasound at UCSF Radiology and UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

Dr. Ruth B. Goldstein began her exploration of her radiology tool of choice, ultrasound, by taking up its long traditional use in obstetrics and gynecology early in her career. Learn more.


L'Ree Brown, Front Desk Supervisor, UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

A twenty-year-plus employee of UCSF, L'Ree Brown ably handles front desk operations. He's also involved in the EXCEL program which trains administrative employees. Learn more. 


Members of the team at UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

The experienced administration of the UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street welcomes patients and helps guide them through treatment.

Lori Chan – Principal Mammographer Supervisor, UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street

Mammography is one of the principal services offered at the UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street. UCSF is a world leader in breast care and considers early screening critical in the fight against breast cancer. Learn more. 


We welcome you to come visit our practice anytime.

UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street now open!  Learn more




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