Putting Research to Work Before the Onset of Osteoarthritis

The number one cause of disability in older adults is osteoarthritis, which is caused when the ends of bones wear down over time. There’s much medical research in this area, but our aging population needs discoveries and innovations that can be applied right away.

Professor, Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging and Clinical Director of the MQIR Group Dr. Thomas Link studies the use of radiology to intervene early in osteoarthritis -- not just in the condition’s early stages, but before osteoarthritis starts.

Dr. Link found that assessing the quality of the cartilage of the knee and hip allowed changes to be seen before cartilage is lost. Patients were still healthy enough to make lifestyle changes, like losing weight and exercising moderately, to prevent degeneration.

Learn more about Dr. Link’s research in musculoskeletal imaging by clicking here.

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