Susan Wall, MD, completed her 25th and final Speaker Training Course on Monday, July 8. Since 2007, Dr. Wall has worked on 2 years of course development, co-instructed 100 course meetings over 15 years, and engaged with 97 participants, all with exponential impact!

No two hearts are the same. And no one knows that better than Shezhang Lin, MD. Lin spends his days creating detailed, interactive, models of patient’s hearts at UCSF’s 3DLab. His 3D heart models help surgeons visualize a patient’s heart before surgery, to better understand and address the unique case at hand, to plan the best surgical approach, and to help explain complex procedures to patients and their families.

An elective for fourth-year medical students at UCSF School of Medicine provides hands-on experience combined with narrative medicine principles in a structured setting, offering a holistic approach to scenarios that newly minted doctors might encounter before, during, and after a procedure.

On a typical day at the office, our reading room practice coordinators – Araceli Zavala-Sheridan, Flora Stewart, and Mark Antonio – answer about 150 incoming calls, facilitate a handful of urgent outbound calls, and receive and process several overread requests. The new team was established six months ago to handle administrative tasks that contribute to physician burnout while also helping radiologists streamline their workflow. 

Torianna Lomax Truong, MS, makes a trip to Washington DC to raise awareness about HHT. Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) is a genetic disorder characterized by abnormal blood vessel growth.

Cross-training technologists in new imaging modalities is one way that UCSF Health promotes career advancement while also increasing the efficiency of our radiology operations.