The Incredible Attitude Toward Teaching at the San Francisco VA

“VA Radiology is a wonderful place to learn because everyone is so willing to teach. Dr. Yee and the rest of the faculty and staff open themselves up to students completely, and are deeply invested in our education. In my time at the VA, I have been given the amazing opportunity to learn from the faculty, to be involved in their research, and to get to know them on a one-on-one basis. When I began working with Dr. Yee, she invited me to attend her 3-day course on virtual colonoscopy. This course is one that physicians from all over travel to San Francisco to attend. This goes to show that the faculty here in VA Radiology are world experts in their fields, yet are also very down-to-earth and are great advocates for their students, residents, and fellows. Having also rotated on the interventional radiology service at the VA with Dr. Sawhney, I can say that this incredible attitude towards teaching is a part of the culture within the department of Radiology. From the attending physicians to the radiology technicians, everyone has been so welcoming to me and supportive of my education. This is a truly an inspiring place to learn and work."

Van Nguyen is a 4th-year UCSF medical student from Anaheim, California. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and returned to San Francisco for medical school. She has been conducting research with Dr. Yee since her first year of medical school, when she was fascinated by Dr. Yee's work on virtual colonoscopy. She hopes to become a radiologist.


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