Best Practices in Prostate Cancer Screening

Imaging can contribute substantially to the local and distant evaluation of prostate cancer, as highlighted in a recent article on

However, not all imaging is created equal, and there are centers of excellence across the country in prostate cancer imaging where the available technology and interpretative expertise is substantially ahead of the curve. For example, UCSF offers advanced “full service” MRI for men with known or suspected prostate cancer, including:

  • MR-guided biopsy for men with elevated PSA and prior negative biopsies, or other reasons for targeted biopsy of an abnormality seen on MRI.
  • Multiparametric MRI for optimal evaluation of tumor extent and aggressiveness. This information can help men who are undecided between active surveillance and definitive treatment, or between surgery and radiation.
  • Hyperpolarized carbon 13 MR spectroscopic imaging is under investigation as an entirely novel method of metabolic tumor assessment.
  • An MR-guided high intensity focused ultrasound system for prostate cancer treatment has been installed at UCSF, and will be made available to appropriate patients once FDA approval has been obtained.

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