UCSF Researchers Publish Summary of Skin Sodium's Possible Role in Immune Dysregulation

A team of investigators from the Abuabara Lab at UC San Francisco, UCSF Radiology and the University of Arizona reviewed available literature on skin sodium to investigate its connection to total body sodium and to immunity.

Diversity in Radiology: Resident Xiao Wu, MD, Discusses Research on the Topic

There have been growing national efforts to diversify the radiology workforce, but are those efforts having an impact? Xiao Wu, MD, a resident at the UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, investigated the question and shared her findings in a journal article and a podcast.

Kondapa Naidu Bobba, PhD, presents JNM paper Highlighting Radiolabeling Methodology

Kondapa Naidu Bobba, PhD, is first author of "Evaluation of 134Ce/134La as a PET Imaging Theranostic Pair For 225Ac -Radiotherapeutics," a Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) article published May 18 that discusses the development of a robust radiolabeling methodology and applied optimized method for utilizing prostate cancer targeting agents PSMA-617 and antibody YS5.

UCSF’s Hyperpolarized MRI Technology Resource Center (HMTRC) hosts its 9th International HP Technology Workshop

2023 Workshop HMTRC celebrated its 11th year as a center, and its annual Workshop continues to have a national and global impact on advancing hyperpolarized carbon-13  MR molecular imaging technology.

Parkinson’s disease and Deep Brain Stimulation

Melanie Morrison, PhD, is an assistant professor in residence in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF, and a core member of the UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint PhD Program in Bioengineering. 

New Strategies for Treating Parkinson's Disease in Veterans: Advances in Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Parkinson's Disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder that affects around 10 million people worldwide. Dr. Tosun-Turgut provides an overview of new research into and treatments for PD.

Anil Bidkar, PhD, receives DoD Early Investigator Research Award for Prostate Cancer Research Bidkar, PhD, has received the Department of Defense (DoD) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) Early Investigator Research Award.

New Theranostic Approach Targets Prostate Cancer

Beyond PSMA: CD46 Targeted 225Ac Alpha Particle Radioimmunotherapy for Prostate Cancer

ADNI Aims for Representative Subject Pool

In a recent interview reflecting on ADNI’s significance in advancing Alzheimer’s research, Dr. Weiner observed that a major challenge for all clinical trials is that the trial participants do not fully represent the populations of people who need treatment.