Mariam Aboian, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow


Fellowship, 6/2018 - Neuroradiology, University of California San Francisco
Residency, 6/2016 - Diagnostic Radiology, University of California San Francisco
Internship, 6/2011 - Internal Medicine Internship, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
MD/PhD, 6/2010 - Cell Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Honors and Awards

ASNR Trainee Research Award in Neuroradiology, ASNR, 2017
RSNA Certificate of Merit Award for Educational Exhibit, RSNA, 2017
NIH Biomedical Imaging for Clinician Scientist Training Grant (T32), University of California San Francisco, 2016
RSNA Travel Award for Scientific Presentation, RSNA, 2016
Research Seed Grant - Molecular Imaging of Brain Tumors, University of California San Francisco, 2016
ACR-AUR Research Scholar Award, ACR-AUR, 2016
Research Seed Grant - ChemoFilter, University of California San Francisco, 2014
Excellence in Teaching Award, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical School, 2011
Research grant in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Mayo Clinic, 2009
American Academy of Neurology Travel Award, Mayo Clinic, 2009
Mayo Clinic Graduate School Travel Award, Mayo Clinic, 2007
Senior 25, Lake Forest College, 2000
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Lake Forest College, 2000
Honors in Biology Major, Lake Forest College, 2000
Phi Beta Kappa Senior Thesis Award, Lake Forest College, 2000
Honors in Chemistry Major, Lake Forest College, 2000
Magna Cum Laude, Lake Forest College, 2000
NIH-Colgate Research Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, 1999
Sigma Xi Honor Society Member, Sigma Xi Honor Society, 1998


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