John MacKenzie, MD

Volunteer Clinical Professor
Assoc Professor in Residence


John MacKenzie, MD, is Volunteer Clinical Professor. He formerly served as Chief of Radiology at Mission Bay Medical Center, and Section Chief of Pediatric Radiology at the University of California, San Francisco. He provides expert interpretation and consultation on pediatric imaging studies for a broad spectrum of congenital and acquired fetal and neonatal conditions and disorders affecting children and adolescents. Prior to accepting his UCSF position, Dr. MacKenzie was a member of the faculty at Stanford University as the Chief of Pediatric Musculoskeletal Imaging at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital from 2007-2010.

Dr. MacKenzie is a nationally recognized expert in the imaging of the pediatric musculoskeletal system and is asked to lecture on this topic across the country. Dr. MacKenzie’s research focuses on developing imaging techniques for the detection and treatment monitoring of childhood diseases.

Dr. MacKenzie has been awarded grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Imaging Science, Radiological Society of North America and the Society of Pediatric Radiology. He has served as the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator on these projects. His work is published in 5 book chapters, 14 review articles, and 42 peer-reviewed research articles.

Pediatric Radiology
Pediatric Musculoskeletal Imaging

Specialized imaging for infants, children with a focus on pediatric bones and joints

Professional Interests:
Pediatric imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, arthritis and immunology, molecular imaging, hyperpolarized carbon-13 imaging, magnetic resonance imaging

Education and Training:
• Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York - Medicine
• Internship: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - Medicine
• Residency: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston - Radiology
• Fellowship: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - Musculoskeletal Imaging
• Fellowship: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Pediatric Imaging
• Master of Science: Stanford University, California - Biological Science
• Bachelor’s of Science: Stanford University, California - Computer Science and Biology
• Medical License, California
• Diagnostic Radiology, American Board of Radiology
• Pediatric Imaging, Certificate of Added Qualification, American Board of Radiology


Fellowship, 2007 - Radiology - Pediatric Imaging, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Fellowship, 2006 - Radiology - Musculoskeletal Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Residency, 2005 - Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging, Harvard: Brigham & Women's Hospital
Internship, 2001 - Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
M.D., 2000 - School of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
M.S., 1995 - Biology, Stanford University
B.S., 1995 - Double major: Computer Science & Biology with Honors, Stanford University

Honors and Awards

Maxine Papadakis Award for Faculty Professionalism and Respect (outstanding instruction for 3rd-4th, UCSF School of Medicine, 2017
Great Experience Award, UCSF Medical Center, 2016
Invited Lecturer; "Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI for Pediatrics Disease", UCSF Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds, 2013
Award for Best Scientific Poster (mentor to Julia Nguyen), UCSF Department of Radiology, 2013
Poster Presentation Award - Isolated Fallopian Tubal torsion: Causes, Imaging Findings, and How to, Radiology Society of North America, 2012
Award for Best Scientific Poster (mentor to Linda Nguyen), UCSF Department of Radiology, 2012
Coro Faculty Leadership Collaborative, University of California, San Francisco, 2012
Award for Best Paper Presentation - Carbon-13 Imaging of Pediatric Disease, Pacific Coast Pediatric Radiology Association, 2011
Futures Initiative – Imaging Science Conference, National Academies Keck Futures Initiative, 2010
Fellow Research Trainee Prize, Radiology Society of North America, 2007
Resident Award for Research, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Radiology Department, 2005
RSNA Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award, Radiology Society of North America, 2005
Resident Award for Research, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Radiology Department, 2004
MRI Fellowship Program, ISMRM/Amersham Health, 2004
Resident Research Trainee Prize, Radiology Society of North America, 2004
Research Resident Scholarship, Siemens Medical Systems, 2004
Leonard Holman Pathway Research Resident, American Board of Radiology, 2003-2005
Resident Award for Teaching, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Radiology Department, 2002
Resident Award for Teaching, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Radiology Department, 2002
Introduction to Research Program, Radiology Society of North America, 2002
Alpha Omega Alpha, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2000
Research Scholarship, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2000
Summer Research Grant Scholar, Harvard Medical School, 1997
Firestone Medal for Excellence in Biological Research, Stanford University, 1995
Award for Excellence in Teaching Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1993
Boettcher Scholarship, 1988


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