Caroline Jordan, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar Employee


PhD, 2014 - Bioengineering, Stanford University
SB, 2006 - Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Honors and Awards

Best Podium Presentation, UCSF Radiology Research Symposium, UCSF, 2018
Precision Health Science TL1 (Prescient) Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSF, 2017
UCSF Radiology Department Seed Grant, UCSF, 2017
Catalyst Awardee, Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI), UCSF, 2016
Bioengineering Outstanding Teaching Assistant (Honorable Mention), Stanford University, 2011
MIT Pewter Bowl Award for Leadership and Inspiration in Women's Athletics, MIT, 2006
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Stanford University, 2006


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