Brittany Dashevsky, MD

Clinical Fellow


06/2017 - Diagnostic Radiology Residency, University of Chicago Medicine
06/2015 - Diagnostic Radiology Residency, Weill Cornell Medicine
06/2013 - Internship, Internal Medicine, Maimonides Medical Center
MD, 05/2012 - Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
DPhil, 09/2008 - Physiology, University of Oxford

Honors and Awards

Research Scholar Award, Association of University Radiologists, 2016
Roentgen Resident Award, Radiological Society of North America, 2016
Lasky Foundation Breast Cancer Fund Resident Award, Chicago Radiological Society, 2015-2016
Hodges Radiological Society Grant, University of Chicago, 2015
MSTAR summer research award, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, American Federation of Aging, 2010
Paul F. Cranefield Award, Society of General Physiologists, 2007
Biophysical Society Student Travel Award, Biophysical Society, 2006
Gustav Born Science Scholar, University of Oxford, St.Peter's College, 2005-2006
Wellcome Trust Studentship, University of Oxford, Oxford Ion Channel and Disease Initiative, 2005-2008
Howard Hughes Summer Research Award, Brandeis University, 2004
Howard Hughes Summer Research Award, Brandeis University, 2003


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