Nuclear Medicine Experience and Specialization

At UCSF, the nuclear medicine subspecialty has seven attending physicians and offers the entire gamut of the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic imaging modalities for nuclear and molecular radiology available in the field today. We have expertise in both adult and pediatric nuclear and clinical molecular imaging. We are experienced in the use of nuclear isotopes, (radionuclides), for imaging studies, to obtain valuable information for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases. All UCSF imaging studies are conducted by nuclear imaging specialists, who have been trained in the use of advanced nuclear medicine techniques and have significant experience.

Nuclear Medicine Team – UCSF Medical

The nuclear medicine group at UCSF is very active in diagnosis and treatment and has significant experience in a broad range of disorders including diagnosis regarding signs of heart disease and cancer imaging such as lymphatic cancer. Among the physician team, we offer particularly deep experience in comprehensive multi-modality imaging of cancer and advanced nuclear cardiology imaging studies.




Pampaloni - Heart Disease - UCSF Medical

High Volume of Imaging Studies, Valuable Experience

This UCSF nuclear medicine subspecialty has studied and diagnosed thousands of patients. We perform close to 10,000 studies a year including up to 5,000 PET/CTs a year.