MSBI Alumni

Over 150 students have matriculated through the program since it was initiated in 2011. MSBI graduates have continued on to medical schools, PhD programs, research positions within academic labs, and a wide range of occupations in industry.

Where do they go on to?

MSBI Graduates in the past five years who went on to Medical/Dental School

  • Kevin Chihow, University of Iowa (Medical School)
  • Henry Li, Case Western Reserve University (Medical School)
  • Radhika Gulhar, California Northstate University (Medical School)
  • Manogna Manne, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences (Medical School)
  • Sei Ahn, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (Medical School)
  • David Baskin, Wake Forest School of Medicine (Medical School)
  • Molly Kadlec, Medical College of Wisconsin (Medical School)
  • Thomas Shen, UC Davis (Medical School)
  • Kiavash Garakani, Columbia (MD/PhD)
  • Di Xia, UCLA (Dental School)
  • Niecholle Roco, Philippines (Medical School)
  • Martina Brozynski, New York Medical College (Medical School)
  • Joshua Chong, California Northstate University (Medical School)
  • Daksh Datta, University of Toronto (Medical School)
  • Jake Oeding, New York University Grossman School of Medicine (Medical School)
  • Ashwin Nagaraj, Kansas City University (Medical School)
  • Jessica Janneck, Medical School University of Queensland, Brisbane (Medical School)

MSBI Graduates from the past five years who went on to PhD Programs

  • Qing Dai, UC Los Angeles
  • Radhika Tibrewala, New York University (Biomedical Imaging and Technology)
  • Jeffrey Hsiao, Weill Cornell Medical College (Pharmacology)
  • Xiao Gao, UC Berkeley (Bioengineering)
  • I-Ju Lee, UC Davis (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Kiavash Garakani, Columbia (MD/PhD)
  • Kristina Liu, Technical University of Munch (Physical Chemistry)
  • Walter Zhao, Case Western Reserve University (MD/PhD Biomedical Engineering)
  • Cyril Fong, University of Missouri (Chemistry)
  • Guillaume Trusz, MD Anderson (Immunology (started 2021))

MSBI Graduates from the past five years who are working at UCSF

  • Jonathan Chan (Research Associate)
  • Benjamin Speidel (Epilepsy Presurgical Lead Engineer)
  • Sivakami Avadiappan (Associate Radiology Specialist)
  • Matthew Gibbons (Specialist)
  • Jacob Mallott (Research Associate)
  • Alex Nguyen (Research Associate)
  • Wen Qiao (Research Associate)
  • Jiamin Zhou (Research Associate)
  • Torie Tsuei (Research Associate)
  • Benjamin Sipes (Associate Specialist)
  • Ravi Chachad (Research Associate, Begins Medical School in 2022)
  • Emillie Decavel-Bueff (Research Associate)
  • Jack Lin (Research Data Analyst, Begins PhD Program in 2022)
  • Jacob Ellison (Research Associate)
  • Armeen Namjou Khaless (Clinical Research Coordinator)
  • Luc Upadhyaya (Research Associate)
  • Anil Kemisetti (Bioinformatics Programmer)
  • Maria Baida (Imaging Analyst)
  • Dhrona Suchi (Associate Specialist)
  • Ricardo Flores (Associate Specialist)
  • Sasank Sakhamuri (Research Associate)
  • Avantika Sinha (Research Associate)

MSBI Graduates from the past five years who are in other positions

  • Cyrus Manuel, Genentech (Informatic Analyst)
  • Mickey Piel, NIAID (PET/CT Technologist)
  • Mimi Poon, Breast and Minimal Invasive Surgery (Consultant Surgeon)
  • Mengmeng Liu, Research Assistant
  • Hsu-Cheng Huang, Taipet City Hospital (Physician)
  • Christian Bolivar Naranjo, Genvivo (Biomanufacturing Scientist)
  • Justin Yu, Mayo Clinic (Diagnostic Imaging Physics Specialist)
  • Frank Chang, Anatomage (Application Engineer)
  • Mahima Goel, Stanford Health Care (Clinical Research Project Manager)
  • Guillaume Trusz, LakePharma (Associate Scientist (until 2021, then PhD program)
  • Guanzhong Su, Medtronic (Regulatory Affairs Specialist)
  • Virginia Hinostroza, Stanford University (Life Science Research Professional)
  • Alison Myoraku, NCIRE (Research Associate)
  • Jack Williams, Snowflake (Sales Engineer)
  • Fei Xiong, Siemens Healthineers (MR Research Scientist)

This list accounts for a substantial majority of students that have graduated through the last five years of the MSBI program.


MSBI Alumni News


Yukai Zou has accepted a full time Imaging Physicist position at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust in England,UK and was awarded a ReproNim/INCF Training Fellowship.


Alex Nguyen and his team 'ExoSpytosis' won 2nd place at the UCSF QBI hackathon.

Andrew Leynes received the Alavi-Mandell Award from Journal of Nuclear Medicine!


Frank Chang won in the photography category in the Synapse Storytelling Contest.


Andrew Leynes won 1st place for his PET/MRI poster at ISMRM!

Yukai Zou was awarded the prestigious Lynn Fellowship by the Graduate School at Purdue University! Link

Charvi Shetty, CEO Knox Medical
UCSF MSBI graduate discussed how Aeris is improving asthma care. ABC news

Lindsay Conner received prestigious UCF Graduate Dean's Fellowship at the University of Central Florida! Link