Kidney Tumor Ablation Stories

We serve a diverse range of indivduals. One thing that many of them has in common is a willingness to share their stories. They do this because they know how hard it was to find a practice like ours and because of our commitment to them.

UCSF Imaging Center at Parnassus

Ronald Zagoria, MD - Kidney Tumor Ablation is much simpler than surgeryRonald Zagoria, MD and chief of the Department of Abdominal Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

“Kidney tumor ablation is much simpler than surgery. A probe is guided by CAT scan to the site of the tumor through a minor incision. We get results comparable to surgery with very low complication rates. In less than 24 hours, the patient is typically ready to assume normal activity.”  Learn more

Best image possible for the patient while maintaining their comfort and to keeping radiation low.Lisa Rooney, CT technologist

“We try to get the best image possible for the patient, but we also want a good experience— calm, relaxing, and fast. Making sure the patient is properly centered on the scanner is critical to their comfort and to keeping radiation low.” Learn more


Kidney Tumor AblationKirsten Greene, MD

“With the options available at UCSF and with our departments working together, we can address the patient’s personal needs and their health imperatives. I, as a urologist, and my colleagues in radiology, may practice in different fields, but when it comes to treating our patients, we have a unique means of sharing insights across disciplines.”  Learn more


Kidney Tumor AblationMichael Johnson: Kidney Tumor Ablation Patient Story

When the 77-year-old retired moving company executive learned he had a kidney tumor, he was ready to act -- but he didn’t want to lose a kidney. His UCSF radiologist, Dr. Ron Zagoria, told him about kidney tumor ablation. The procedure is an option for many as an alternative to surgery, or partial or complete nephrectomy (kidney removal).  Learn more