It's Official: Mammography Saves Lives!

As ABC News put it: "Mammograms save lives, period, end of story."

This declaration -- something we at UCSF already advocated -- is the conclusive result of a landmark (29-year-long!) study of mammography screening.

Researchers found that "screening women with mammography provides a highly significant reduction in breast cancer-specific mortality, with the initial 30 percent mortality reduction among 40- to 74-year-old women invited to screening sustained over the long term," according to Health Imaging.

These findings are proof-positive of the message we’ve been trying to convey for quite some time – contributor Dr. Joe has even written several posts devoted to the topic right here on this blog (see here and here).

So remember, ladies: regular mammograms can save your life. Finally, there’s definite proof to back us up!

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