Breast Imaging

A Recent Story Reminds Us That Thermography is Not a Substitute for Mammography

A recent news segment reminds us that thermography should not be used as a standalone method of breast cancer detection.

UCSF Radiologists Collaborate in Tanzania

The cancer burden in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing. A multi-disciplinary collaboration between UCSF, MUHAS, and Ocean Road Cancer Institute (OCRI) has formed to focus on global cancer research.

Mammography and CT Lung Cancer Screening Can Improve Population-Based Health Outcomes

Recent studies support UCSF Radiology's recommendation that annual mammography screening begin at age 40 for women of low or average risk. Mammography can also lead to another health benefit—an opportunity for women to receive lung cancer screening, if eligible.

Preventive Screening Guidelines for Physicians

Preventive imaging exams are designed to detect cancer and noncancerous health conditions in their early stages, when diseases are more treatable and curable. While physicians keep current with preventive care guidelines and recommend and encourage patients to have appropriate screenings, only a small portion of eligible patients receive recommended screenings. 

Alisa’s Story: Survivor, Marathoner, Mother

Alisa Brozinsky was just 34 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now 20 years cancer-free, she talks about her journey and how she wound up at UCSF Radiology.

A Loving Daughter Promotes BRCA Screening Worldwide

After her mother was diagnosed with BRCA-related ovarian cancer, a supportive daughter underwent genetic testing. Though she doesn’t have the gene mutation, Ginger is now an advocate for breast and ovarian cancer awareness.

Landmark Mammography Study Highlights the Importance of Breast Cancer Screening

A landmark mammography study has found that women who receive annual breast cancer screenings will have a lower mortality rate and will benefit more from therapy upon diagnosis of breast cancer.

A Family Gathers to Fight Hereditary Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying news. Azela’s story is one that emphasizes the importance of both genetic cancer testing and family ties.

You Are Not Alone: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Panel Provides Support for Bay Area Women

Amie Lee, MD was an invited speaker at a breast cancer awareness event to discuss the emotional and mental health needs of women with breast cancer in the Bay Area.

PET and MRI Radiomic Features Can Help Personalize Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Radiomics is an emerging discipline in radiology. Researchers set out to determine the benefit of using multi-modality radiomics data from PET and MR images in the characterization of breast cancer phenotype and prognosis.