Why UCSF Imaging's Marketing Interns Play a Key Role

Author:  Laurel Skurko, Marketing Director, UCSF Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Health care is among the many industries going through a sea change in our world today. We need more effective ways to control costs, offer excellent customer service and communicate with diverse audiences. This demands a variety of skills, ranging from analytics and strategic planning to executing on new methods of communicating with a specific audience type. At UCSF Imaging, we offer opportunities for sharp business minds to use their talent to solve marketing challenges such as these. Our department provides the full gamut of strategic marketing opportunities and welcomes the creative dynamic created by those who have joined our team over the past three years.

UCSF Imaging interns work in both strategic and tactical marketing, providing assistance with a broad range of initiatives. Recent interns found themselves on the front lines filming events, tracking customer survey responses and coordinating speaker interviews at a high-profile breast cancer event. On other days, they worked behind the scenes, drafting social media messaging and analyzing results to deliver recommendations for the greatest impact. Other common tasks for the role include preparing visual presentations and writing, producing and editing video content. The organizational initiatives interns support include health care services such as breast and lung cancer screening, the opening of new facilities, research work and fundraising and educational projects.

All interns work directly with the marketing director. In keeping with UCSF’s strong cultural commitment to education, senior staff are always happy to engage with interns and recognize their contributions.