What Can MRI Tell Us About the Brain?

Working at the forefront of neuroradiology, Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD, continually seeks answers to why brains work the way they do. He has used advanced MRI techniques to examine the brains of children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), and to see the sports-related damage of traumatic brain injury. “MRI allows us to reveal minute changes, or comparative differences in brain tissue that previous technologies missed,” he says.

Local and national news sources rely on Dr. Mukherjee for revelatory insights and the latest information on how radiology can help solve deep mysteries, including those that affect our learning and behavior.  In fact, recently Dr. Mukherjee’s research on children with SPD was featured in the day’s most-read article in The Washington PostUCSF’s News Center has seen similar interest – an article on Dr. Mukherjee’s breakthrough study continues to be a top article three years after it was published.

To learn more about Dr. Mukherjee’s research, click here. Stay tuned as we share future articles on how MRI is shaping what we know about the brain.

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