Watch: UCSF Radiology's Maya Vella Reads a 3D Model Heart Scan

"We often create 3D models of patients with congenital heart disease to assist our surgical colleagues in planning their surgical approaches and interventions," says Maya Vella, MD a cardiothoracic radiologist at UCSF. "At UCSF's Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging Section, we routinely read both CTs and MRIs for congenital heart disease in all ages."

In this video, Dr. Vella is reading a pediatric congenital heart scan alongside a 3D model of the patient's heart, with the 3D model providing a full-picture view of the heart. "3D modeling has direct applications for patient care, and we frequently use 3D modeling to plan clinical treatment," shares Dr. Vella. "Radiologists can navigate around the model, pause to look closely when necessary and contribute to the clinical decision-making process with more information than a 2D image would provide." The 3D model is developed using CT and MRI scans.

Dr. Vella is an assistant professor and co-chair of the Goldberg Center for Advanced Imaging Education, where she has a focus on teaching radiology to medical students. "Not only is 3D modeling an important tool for patient care," says Dr. Vella. "It is also a valuable way to help learners visualize anatomical structure and disease."

Learn more about Dr. Vella in this faculty spotlight.  

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